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yoga nidra /yo-guh nee-druh/ (noun).


Union through sacred sleep. It is a ritualized practice in which you are guided through each layer of Self.


Yoga Nidra is powerful medicine for the body, mind and spirit. 


Infused with teachings from the ancients - it is a systematic relaxation in which senses are withdrawn to relieve tensions. 


It allows you to reprogram self-limiting beliefs and to heal your body.

Yoga Nidra Medicine Bundle

This is a unique package that includes an individualized Yoga Nidra recording that I craft uniquely for you, using an assessment form that you fill out + my intuitive guidance. The assessment form addresses your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being; it is your opportunity to get specific about what it is that you want healed right now on all levels of your multi-dimensional self. You will also receive 3 healing guided meditation recordings and a Healing Workbook.


Each recording is infused with prayers for your healing & self-realization

Yoga Nidra Medicine, Crafted For You

I will co-create your recording through intuitive guidance that I receive when I tune into your energy field & with attention to your needs, by incorporating the direct feedback from your assessment form.

This is a magical concoction, that if practiced with regularity can help you:


  • Heal on a cellular level

  • Assist in healing any dis-ease in your body & mind

  • Create a sense of peace & ease

  • Assist you in deepening your physic abilities

  • Enhance your meditation practice

  • Release habitual holding patterns & chronic pain

  • Heal limiting beliefs, ancestral karma, & past-life traumas

  • Manifest the life of your soul's deepest desires

  • Align with your mission

  • Find freedom

Experience for yourself how magical the practice is.

Grounding into MooladharaMeghan Lockhart

Yoga Nidra Medicine Bundle

Yoga Nidra Recording

A magical concoction, crafted uniquely for you! This is infused with prayers for your healing and liberation. This is more than a recording. It is medicine.

A Healing Workbook​

Use this healing workbook to learn how to activate the healing benefits of sankalpa in your life. Receive a ritual and a deeper understanding of the Yoga Nidra practice.

Meditation Recordings

Receive 3 extra meditations infused with prayers and a channeling of Divine light for you to receive as deep medicine for your body, spirit, and mind.

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