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Live guided journey into your etheric womb to allow your soul to speak to you & offer your 2020 visioning seeds. You will be guided to plant these seeds within your womb-space to birth in 2020 in co-creation with Universe. January 4th, 3:00 pm MST - Wild Moon Sisters Temple (replay sent)

What Are Womb Resolutions?

 Sorta like New Year's resolutions, but SO. MUCH. DEEPER. 

Have you ever watched someone set a new year's resolution that died after like 2 weeks...?

I see this with A LOT of people, myself included in the past.

My thought is that resolutions often come from ego and from societal pressures of what we think we should do and be.... 🤔 which doesn't hold much weight.

→ So here is the invitation - to LOOK WITHIN & SEE WHAT YOUR SOUL WANTS TO BIRTH! Heck yes. ←

And What Are Visioning Seeds?

A vision is something that comes to you, not what you THINK up with your brain, but something that just arises as a spark 🔥 of creative illumination.

And a seed holds a potent focalized essence of potential that can be planted in Earth 🌎 to sprout life.

So if you apply that to News Year's Resolutions 🥳, it means that you allow yourself to receive creative inspiration in the form of 🔮 visioning 🌰 seeds, and then you plant it, water 💦 it, nourish it and allow it to blossom in your life.

And we aren't planting these seeds in actual soil - we are planting these seeds within the etheric cauldron of your womb.

What are the Benefits?

These seeds that you receive will act as a map throughout your year. Because they come from your heart's desires, they are in alignment with your mission, and it will be so much easier and more joyful to birth your Heaven on Earth, one step at a time - day by day, as you see these visioning seeds come into fruition.


This will be a live guided ceremony that is about 45 minutes to an hour in the Wild Moon Sisters Temple on January 4th at 3:00 pm MST. If you cannot attend live, a replay will be sent to you.

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Womb Resolutions Ceremony