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Through archetypal healing journey ceremonies, embodied womb rituals, 1 on 1 support, sisterhood, and guided meditations, you will anchor into the Holy Trinity of the Womb. This is a journey of spiralling down and into your body for primordial guidance, mystical communion, and embodied activation. Anchor into faith and be held by the Great Mother of Life.

Are you Ready to Feel Supported?


Imagine that you wake up in the morning feeling clear, purposeful and anchored into a support network that is larger than life.

As you move through your day, you do not dwell on the details or procrastinate making decisions, because you know how to receive guidance from within.

You feel this underlying sense of comfort just knowing that you are connected to the Great Mother of Life. You know that she has your back, that she is there to hold and support you through any storm. 

You feel grounded in the knowingness that you have faith. Because you know that when you trust, you can surrender your control and allow yourself to be graced by life with blessings and all that you need and even more. 


It's no longer about you doing this alone, it's about being woven into the grid of life to belong in the womb of creation and fulfil your purpose for being here on Earth.

It is so comforting to know that you can listen to the medicine offerings of your body, that you can attune to your needs, and that you can ground into YOUR unique rhythm and cycle. 

And just imagine... Does this vision sound like the perfect medicine for your soul? Could you use a dose of feeling held + a dose of being supported, + a dose being anchored?

If your heart is saying 'yes,' you can weave this into being. I know you can, because I have done this. This 3 month journey can give you the blueprint and tools to make this a daily reality for you.

And Are You Ready for Womb Alchemy?

When you attune to your womb-space, you are given the opportunity to heal on a cellular level and to clear out any traumas that have been stored in your womb. This could be birthing trauma (when you were born & giving birth), this could be menstrual shame, sexualized abuse, trauma from abortion, pain from not having a physical womb, pain from being taken advantage of in anyway, etc, etc.


What is done for one is done for all. As you make the conscious choice to heal layers of pain and trauma within, you are clearing out trauma for your entire lineage, for all womyn, and for all of humxnity.


It's epic! Imagine how different our world would be if womb awakening were a mandatory part of life just as going to school is...


I know that you came here to make a difference. I know that you are a healer in some form or another. And I know that you care deeply about others, Earth and All of Life. 


The time is now, sister.... for all of us to wake up, embody our wombs and claim the power centre that we have been cut off from for centuries. 

Your Journey through the Holy Trinity of the Womb

Journey Starts November 26th, 2019

There are three Gateways. Each gate is an initiation into remembrance and embodied experience of being mystically connected to the the 3 womb portals of life.


Gate 1: 

Cosmic Womb

with Isis

Image by Color Crescent

In these ceremonies, you will plug into the cosmic womb, for a feeling of mystical connection and felt safety in your body. You will also receive the teachings of the Holy Trinity of the Womb. This gateway's mentor is Isis.

Gate 2:

Mother's Womb

with Mother Mary

Image by Grant Whitty

In these ceremonies, you will be guided through a total re-brithing process. You will also receive support to alchemically heal any mother wounding that you have, with the Divine support of the Great Mother. This gateway's mentor is Mother Mary.

Gate 3:

Your Womb

with Mary Magdalen

Image by Anuja Mary

In these ceremonies, you will explore and feel into your inner moon cycle and tune into your feeling navigation system. You will also experientially connect to and learn how to speak from your womb of silence. This Gateway's mentor is Mary Magdalen.


What Will You Receive?



Two 45 minute live ceremonies each month. Replay of recording will be sent. Each healing activation will invoke Isis, Mother Mary, or Mary Magdalen to give you an embodied experience of the womb portal gateway that we are in. Healing will occur on a cellular level. Codes of remembrance will be activated, and your brain will re-wire to support you in living your Heaven on Earth.



6 deepening meditations to plug you into the cosmic womb, to take you through a holy re-birth, and to support you in anchoring into your womb of silence. These are embodied practice transmissions to support your journey into your Primordial Soul.



You will receive an hour long video chat with me to feel more deeply held on this journey. In these chats I will have a deeper conversation with your soul to hear what aspect of you needs to be blasted with unconditional love, so that you can receive alchemical healing. We will tune into your womb to see what space within your womb is ready for healing. You will have the option to receive a recording of these sessions.



This is a one of a kind kit, crafted with love to give you tangible tools to activate your womb from the inside out. You will receive a Yoni Egg, Womb Anointing Oil, a Womb Potion Tincture, Womb Mystic Bath Salts, a sage ball, a Nourished Womb Meditation Series and a Womb Tincture Guide. Learn about the full details here.



This is a 3 part educational course series to support you to use your Nourished Womb Kit. This includes: an introduction to yoni eggs, a video detailing how to do a yoni egg ritual for the Womb Mystic, and a video detailing how to do a womb anointing ritual.

Image by Julia Caesar


You will have unlimited e-mail access to me to support you with any needs that may arise. During these transformational programs, wounds are triggered, so I want to make sure that I am available to provide you with the loving mentorship that you need. There will also be a Facebook group to hold you in community through this journey,

Benefits of this Program

+ you will feel safer in your body, more aligned to your soul's purpose and more attuned to your needs; 


+ it will be easier for you to access wisdom, guidance and support, as you are tapped into cosmic information across all times, dimensions, space and realities; 


+ it will be easier to make moment by moment decisions in all aspects of your life. You will feel clear and full of purpose; 


+ you will deepen your connection to your ancestral lineage and receive healings for the wounds of fear, separation and abandonement.

+ You have the opportunity to heal layers of womb trauma for you, for your bloodlines (past, present, & future), and for all of humxnity.

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I'm Meghan.

I am a devotee of Earth, a steward of the land, and a Priestess initiate. I love to dance, rock climb, write, and get deep into soulful conversation. 


Through 1:1 work, transformational programs, retreats, ceremonies and yoga - it is my deepest joy to support all to come home to their body temples & attune their listening to the medicine offerings of their bodies and souls. I'm excited to meet you.


  • Archetypal Healing Ceremonies

  • Womb Mystic Meditation Album

  • 1 Coaching Session

  • Unlimited e-mail support

  • Sacred Sisterhood

Heart Contribution

$190 CAD/month


Limited to 10 Ladies


  • Archetypal Healing Ceremonies

    Womb Mystic Meditation Album

  • Unlimited E-Mail Support

  • Nourished Womb Kit!

  • Womb Mystic Video Series

  • 2 Coaching Sessions

  • Sacred Sisterhood

Heart Contribution

$302.22 CAD/month

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30 minute session to see if this is soul-aligned & in divine time + to receive clarity on your next best steps for your soul's journey.


Limited to 10 Ladies


  • Archetypal Healing Ceremonies

  • Womb Mystic Meditation Album