Ready t0 feel wealthy both within & without?

You deserve to live a life that lights you up.

You don’t have to settle for one that feels energetically draining, emotionally exhausting, or soul-sucking. 


Your life - it doesn't need to feel like a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small. You GET to live one that feels expansive,


with room to grow.

You’ve probably heard things like - “work hard, just push through, you can only get what you want if you bull-doze and sacrifice.”

Icky… That’s the outdated way of doing things. That looks like fatigue, breakdowns, and isolation. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself to fulfil your desires. 


You get to live a life that lights you up.



You CAN co-create a life that fulfills you - one that you are psyched to wake up for every single day.

Living your Heaven on Earth is about first EMBODYING and FEELING the frequency of wealth, abundance, and prosperity inside of you.


Until you feel good about yourself, no matter what’s going on outside, in the ‘real’ world, it’s not going to satisfy you.

What if I told you that you can co-create a life that you love AND it can be fun and magical?


You can have your desires AND it can honor all of life too.



You can manifest AND do it in a way that feels in line with your Highest Self and Divine.


Sounds juicy, right?

This is where I come in.

Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Intuitive Mentor | Yoga Guide

I serve conscious, spiritual womxn to come home to their inner knowing to empower themselves. I LOVE supporting them to create lives that honor their gifts, their energy levels, and their well-being from body, mind, to spirit.  


One of my superpowers? Creating the spaciousness for my soul-sistas to get to the root of what needs to be shifted and integrated to experience a deeper sense of wholeness, peace, and joy. And my favourite ways to do that? Teaching and guiding embodiment practices! (Think yoga, tantra, chanting, toning, ritual…) + guiding alchemical healing temples with Goddess.


Oh and of course! Spoken transmission… I have been blessed with the soul gift of having instantaneous downloads from Goddess to offer Her message as a tool to wake my sisters up to their power. And then combine that with wealth consciousness work to get into a mindset of abundance, possibility, and limitless potential - this is how I’ve been helping my sisters to live their dream life.


I’ve spent the last 7 years supporting people to have energetic + mindset shifts to reach their goals. And we’re talking - supporting people to navigate through some of THE toughest times in their lives to come back to centre. I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health. And here I am now.

I'm SO excited to lead you through this transformation.

This alchemical deep dive - it's a cumulation of teachings, in distilled form, that I have integrated and embodied in my life that have helped me:

shift my financial situation by $12 grand in 2 months,

step into my dream business full-time,

feel more abundant, happy, and joyful,

live a life that lights me up,

shift out of the debt cycle +

go from -$8000 t0 +$79,000 in 10 months


I want to make it way easier for you to live your dream life.

I don’t want you to have to struggle like I did.

7 months of alchemical healing in sisterhood to THRIVE and birth your Heaven on Earth

This is more than “just” a program, it’s designed to support you create an inner experience of feeling wealthy within, meaning that you feel so freakin' good, from the inside out, that you are full of life.

And as these shifts happen, you’ll see that  you feel absolutely incredible, because you’re attending to all of the little gremlins that have had you feeling small, incapable and unworthy in the past,


you become a magnet to abundance (aka money!) + all of the resources, experiences, and situations that will help you to live a life that lights you up with joy and purpose. 


And the money, it starts to flow in. Not always how you think it should come or expect it too… but it always shows up to help you feel safe, supported and thriving.


And voila, hail & welcome Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance! When you feel this way (abundant, wealthy, prosperous), you become a living embodiment of Her and you are graced with the gift of seeing beauty EVERYWHERE.


And the more and more that you see beauty everywhere, the more and more joyful and excited you feel, and the more incredibly magnetic you become to your heart’s desires. 


You’ll see synchronicities everywhere. Things will start to fall on your lap and you won’t be able to help but laugh and smile. It will feel so easy to feel grateful for everything that is here right now.


(And victory! Because that makes you even more irresistible to your heart’s desires...)

Feeling the call to claim abundance right now?

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PRIESTESS TIP - If you’re not excited to wake up each morning, it’s likely that you are not fully aligned with your purpose. This can shift though. And it doesn’t need to be hard. It is just going to take consistent effort and dedication. Like all things, right?

This program is designed to help you fully value yourself.


Because until you learn how to value yourself, and I mean REALLY value  yourself, as in, you feel how worthy you are in the very fabric of your bones - it’s going to be really hard to receive the life that lights you up.

And how do I know this…?


I’ve learned it the hard way. I've tried settling for a path that was misaligned. I’ve tried the struggle, the pushing and the controlling to birth my Heaven on Earth, only for those efforts to end in tears, exhaustion, and defeat...

That is until I tried something new -


an approach that taught me how to value myself, to walk my life as if my desires are in the here and now, and then to  surrender it all to Divine.

From energetically drained, depleted + frustrated in my work to living my soul-purpose with passion and vitality.

Self-esteem.... that was something that felt non-existent for me growing up. Bullied by other girls up and into University, check. Comparing myself to others, check. Constantly striving to be the best, check. Feeling like I needed to be validated by others to have worth, check. Sexualized abuse trauma, check. All paired with my bleeding heart to serve humxnity. 


Let's just say that wasn't the best combo for me to take care of my needs. "I have to sacrifice my basic needs and work REALLY hard in order to be of service and to be valuable, right?" No!!!


You see - I didn't realize that my "shyness" and lower self-esteem was an issue until I tried to step fully into my dream life and then realized that I didn't feel worthy of it. That was a big wake up call for me and was enough for me to FULLY invest in healing my relationship with self.


Let's just say, energetic boundaries.... they were fairly non-existent. I gave, gave, and gave in my work - and as a highly-sensitive empathic soul, I took on my client’s pain as if it was my own. Nearly each week ended in emotional break-downs, energetic fatigue, and lots of sadness….


Something had to shift. I literally felt like my life force was draining. Yet - I also received so much worth from serving others. Wounded healer...? Yep! That's me.


Why was I investing my heart and soul to scrape by each month + then feeling soooo depleted and emotionally unstable?


I didn’t feel adequately compensated for the emotional and energetic investment I was offering clients and my place of employment. And for so long, I didn’t care about the money… until I started noticing that my level of investment in work was impacting my mental health, my emotional well-being, my energetic levels AND my physical health. And the scales needed to tip back into a flow of giving AND receiving.


And this coming from the girl who used to hate making money, thinking it was evil, and created a whole lifestyle of living in vehicles (multiple times!) to cut expenses. Even when my bank account was close to zero (before I ever had a credit card!) I would still choose work that was below minimum wage or was basically a volunteer position…. yikes…


I needed to find a way to fulfill my need to be of deep service, in a way that I could fully express my unique soul gifts + do it in a way that honoured my energy levels and need to take a lot of space from others to re-charge.


My solution…? I started a soul-fuelled virtual business. When I first started, it was a side-hustle. I would show up full-force, in go mode, every single day, and then when I launched my first program that I was so passionate about, all I got was the sound of crickets… 


It became super clear, pretty fast, that I needed to learn how to value myself, and until I could feel worthy to receive money and clients, it just wasn’t going to happen for me, even when I worked really hard.


So I did a whole lot of inner healing. And in a totally magical, mystical kind’ve way - think gratitude walks, dream life visualizations, and rituals with Goddess.


Each new moon for a full year, I spent a different month going deeeeep and initiating with a different face of Goddess. As I embodied those aspects of Her through ceremony, prayer and rituals - I activated those archetypal frequencies inside of me.


This made it SO much easier to love and accept myself more fully. I stepped out of my ego identity self and into my mythic Self, the part of me that is Divine light embodied. This internal gaze on Goddess through the whole process helped me to heal layers of childhood, ancestral, and past-life trauma with way more grace than I ever thought possible. 


Annddd..... all of that inner work - the money mindset shifting + intentionally feeling how wealthy on the inside I am every single day + remembering to be grateful for the beauty that I saw and felt everywhere + surrendering attachment to Divine + showing up daily for my tantric yoga practices….


This is what helped me step into my dream life. We bought our first ever house (and this happened while I was supporting my hubby through nursing school!) I stepped full-time into my business. We bought our first ever brand spankin’ new vehicle. I paid off all of my credit card debt. AND - I feel joyful every day, even on the days that feel chaotic and painful. 


Miracles ARE possible. Heaven on Earth can be here right now. The more you get out of the way of the natural state of abundance that you are on a spiritual level, the way easier it is to feel wealthy both within and without.

Results You Can Expect

From this Program (pure magic...!)

Inner shifts to help you value yourself + to have the embodied experience that your value comes from inside of you, not from something else, from someone else, or a credential, but from the wellspring of innate characteristics, virtues, and qualities that make you uniquely… you. What once was your pain, becomes your gold. This is the medicine that you will offer to the world. 

Alchemize inner wounds to not only feel so much better in general, but you will also have tools and the awareness of how to heal inner wounds as they arise. This will help you to  feel more accepting, compassionate, and loving towards yourself. This is THE KEY to feeling abundant, free, and wealthy.

Mindset shift around money, self-worth, and scarcity to help you know how to energetically shift your frequency to become magnetic to your soul’s desires to live a life of purpose and joy. 

Abundance, in all of the ways. I won’t guarantee how this abundance is going to come in, but I’m willing to bet that you will start to see more money, opportunity, loving relationships, and experiences that will help you to feel purposeful, joyful and inspired. (But remember, you’ll have to show up to do the work to make this happen.)

Momentum to initiate the actions to get your Heaven on Earth into form. You'll get the clear download on what your purpose is and you'll receive the mentorship to work through blocks and challenges to make that ideal life happen for you.

Are you ready to feel the radiance of your own divinity and birth your Heaven on Earth?

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"I am so grateful to have worked with Meghan Lockhart. I have changed a lot since I decided to step up for my inner journey with her. She helped me understand the program and how to best use it. 


With the Wealthy Goddess program, I learned to trust my womb, something I had not known before. The program was well organized and detailed. 

I invoked my inner tigress. At one point, I felt I was shapeshifting into a Tigress. The meditation was very powerful. 


I am able to trust who I am and feel good about me. I am fearless and feel stronger than before. I highly recommend this sadhna to everyone who is planning to step on their spiritual journey and to those who are already in it. Thank you for being my guide Meghan."

Mimi Das

"Meghan has a way of bringing to the surface what feels uncomfortable, even icky, to truly alchemize and clear. Meghan’s approach is a welcome balance between pushing you to shine light on the shadows and moving through resistance, while holding space that feels genuine, protected, and safe. I will definitely be working with Meghan again in the future." ​

Hillary Smith

Intuitive Guide

“Meghan is a beautiful soul with a deep connection to Source and the Divine Feminine. Thank you, Meghan, for following your soul’s calling and bestowing your sacred gifts upon the world! I have learned so much from you. I honor you for so bravely sharing your truth, power, vulnerability and divine wisdom!”

Jill Marie

"Meghan will help you to reconnect with the innate goddess within you, the goddess that wants to be found and loved back to life.  You will remember your core divinity and you will love her. You will come out the other side knowing that you are the miracle you were looking for.”

Cindy Lee

If you want things to shift on the outside, you need to shift things on the inside. Straight up. Shift your energy, frequency, and mindset - and watch the ripples go out into your life to re-organize in a way that births your Heaven on Earth, day by day.

It’s not going to happen over-night. It’s a moment by moment process.


This is why you will have 7 months to to be held in the alchemical container of this deep dive, to have some time to integrate the medicine and shifts.



The shifts may be huge at first, the shifts may be small. That all depends on what your soul’s ready for (think astrology, karma, collective energy and Divine timing…)  and how sincerely you’re willing to show up.

When you commit to embodying these teachings, on a daily basis, as close to 24/7 as you possibly can, for the foreseeable future, you will receive big results.


You will  have life-time access to this program, to come back to again and again, for when you forget how amazing, powerful, incredible, and beautiful that you are



(because, let’s be real, you will forget...) 


And when you fall asleep to your own Divinity, when you forget just how powerful you are  - come back to these temples, rituals, and embodiment practices to do the energetic work to shift your frequency, so that you can REMEMBER how radiant you are. 


This radiance is the frequency that is going to fill you up with light and the feeling of inner wealth and that is going to magnetize the life of your dreams to you.



Be patient. It is happening. You need to believe it, feel it, and embody it first. You need to show up for the inner work first.

Are you ready to feel like a Wealthy Goddess?

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I'm here to show you the way.

This is how the program will unfold:

You will bring your dream life into form through the birthing process.


Each month you will have a goddess mentor to support you through the process of actually birthing your Heaven on Earth. This will teach you how to access your feminine power, so that you can stand in your sovereignty and co-create life that is in alignment with your highest and best good.


Preparation + Weeding

This gateway will help you feel supported by Earth, so that you can let go of limitations to make space for your vision. You will clear + release limiting patterns of scarcity consciousness by reprogramming the seat of feminine consciousness, the womb centre of your brain.


Conscious Conception

With the spaciousness created, this gateway will help you to receive clarity about what it truly is that you want to birth in your life. Isis will help you to clear out past-life vows & trauma that has been standing in your way + help you awaken your feminine wisdom, so that you download and then seed your vision in your spiritual womb with conscious awareness.



Now that the seed has been planted, this gateway will help you surrender & allow Great Mother to weave your seed into being. Mother Mary will help you to heal the spaces within that resist support, so that you can release over-responsibility + over-doing to co-create your Heaven on Earth with ease and flow.



Full Bloom Pregnancy

Now that you've learned to trust and surrender, your vision is being more fully fleshed into completion. This phase will help you to fill in the blanks, understand more of the details, so that you can really see, sense, and feel the life-form of your vision. Lakshmi will help you to create the inner experience of being pregnant with abundance, vitality, and life to embody the frequency of wealth that will grow your vision into form. 



Mary Magdalene is here to help you invite in the experience of pleasure as your vision gets closer to being birthed. She will support you to dance your vision into being + activate your feminine power through shakti pulses of creation. This will help you release stories of being victim to your circumstances, so that you can birth a life that truly fulfills you. 


Labour of Love

It's going to take some work and inspired action to fully birth your vision. Brigid will help you tend your sacred flame through the devotion. She will help you to initiate momentum, so that creating your Heaven on Earth doesn't feel hard and laborious, but rather like a labour of love that activates more purpose in your life.


Ecstatic Birth

This gateway will help you to birth your Heaven on Earth in a way that is full of beauty, ecstasy, and sensuality. This gateway is an ecstatic celebration of the life that has moved through your womb and into creation. This will give you the confidence to radiate your soul's purpose from the inside out. 

All in All, this is what's included:

The first ceremony offered each month will provide healing with the unique face of Goddess that is being called upon that month. This will utilize the technology of yoga nidra and alchemical healing to clear out subconscious and unconscious patterning that gets in the way of you manifesting your heart’s desires.

Every new moon, you will receive 5 tools that you can perform to help you commune deeper with each Goddess mentor to embody the ways in which she moves through you on a daily basis + journal prompts to deepen your inquiry. Tools will include: mantra or chant, a guided meditation, mudra (hand gesture), embodiment practice, and  yantra (geometric diagram or image used in meditation) or a sacred symbol.

Once there is more spaciousness after the healing ceremony, these temples will go through the co-creative birthing process each month from conscious conception to the birth of the unique vision that you have to live a life that lights you up – your Heaven on Earth.

For each Goddess mentor, you will receive a pdf with Her-story and a specific transmission from Her to support you on this journey of feeling wealthy within. 

You will receive an hour long video chat with me to feel more deeply held on this journey. This is your opportunity to receive laser-coaching from me to help you clear 'blocks' and initiate momentum to take the actions that will help you to bring your Heaven on Earth into form. (The number of sessions varies depending on the package you sign-up for).

You will have 7 different rituals to help you heal your relationship with money to support you in re-writing your money story, so that you can come into a frequency of feeling supported by money to open your field to receiving more money to help you generate the resources to get your Heaven on Earth up and off of the ground

You won't be left fending for yourself. You will receive bonus preparatory materials and built-in structures to offer this material in bite-size pieces + support check-ins to help you stay motivated, engaged and energized to initiate change and receive tangible results and inner shifts that create true and lasting change in your life.  

You will have the bonus of anchoring into a sisterhood to be witnessed in your experience + to receive support. This is a private Facebook group in which there will be weekly posts to inspire you to stay motivated. You can share your wins and shifts, ask for support, ask clarifying questions, receive mentorship from me + deepen relationships with the other womxn on this shared journey.

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held. I felt safe opening up to Meghan in ways I never had which allowed me to receive support and feel seen in a new way. 

Julia Szymanska

You have 3 Package Options

The Journey Begins October 9th!

  • This package includes the entire program

  • + 1 Individual Mentorship Session

Heart Investment

$222 USD/month


Heart Investment

$273 USD/month


  • This package includes the entire program

  • + 7 Individual Mentorship Sessions

Heart Investment

$318 USD/month


Curious to know more?


This is a 30 minute call to help you discover what your next best step moving forward is and to gain clarity about whether or not Wealthy Goddess is soul-aligned and in Divine time for you.

Are you ready to book your FREE session?

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How is the content of the program delivered?

1.) Everything is delivered through an online membership portal. So by the end of the program - you'll have access to EVERYTHING in one spot to make it really easy to navigate the content. 2.) You will receive weekly e-mail reminders that direct you to the current content in the program, so that you're not stuck guessing where you should be in the program, or better yet, forget about it. 3.) You will be reminded of when content is made available through the sisterhood temple, which is facilitated in a private Facebook group. I will post weekly posts to help you stay inspired, motivated, and engaged. 4.) All 1 on 1 sessions are through Zoom and you can request to have a replay of the recording, which will then be uploaded to DropBox for a week for you to download within that timeframe. 5.) All live temple ceremonies will take place through Zoom. This platform gives you the opportunity to connect with me and the other sisters in the program in live-time + to see their faces. This helps to create the feeling that we are actually live together in temple.

What is the timeline of the program?

When you sign-up, you'll get access to the preparatoy materials. This content will help you to make the most of this program to help you see the shifts you are looking for. The program is 7 months long. At the start of each new moon, we will shift to a new gateway which is held be a different goddess mentor. Meaning that you will shift to a new goddess embodiment plan to activate the characteristics of that goddess within. Each month you'll have access to different content, which will be delivered to you week by week, so as not to feel bombarded by content overload. Week 1 of each month - you'll receive access to your new goddess embodiment practice, which you'll continue practicing for the duration of the month. This will give you a practice that will nourish and ground you and also give you the tools to activate the goddess'frequency within to help you activate shifts into abundance. Week 2 of each month - you can participate in the Goddess Alchemy Temple (replay provided). Week 3 of each month - you will receive the Money Medicine Ritual to do on your own. Week 4 of each month - you can participate live in the Birthing Temple (replay provided).

How long do I have access to the program?

You will have life-time access to this program, as long as it is still being offered. You will receive replays of all live temples that you cannot attend. You will have access to the entire program through your membership portal through the Wild Moon Temple online.

What happens if I fall behind?

It's all good! You have life-time access to the program. Life happens. Resistance happens in the program, and sometimes it becomes difficult to follow the timeline that is set-out. That's ok. You get to have grace for yourself. Everything always happens in divine timing. You can put forth your intention to engage to the best of your ability, wihtout pressuring yourself to take on more than you can integrate each week.

What happens if this just becomes one more thing on my to-do list, and I don't engage?

This is a really normal thing, and I've taken this into consideration in how I'm delivering the content of this course. I have created systems within the program to help you want to show up and engage. 1.) The preparatory materials are there to help you gain momentum and excitement about the program to hold you in your intention for signing up in the first place. 2.) The timeline delivery of this course keeps it on your radar. You'll receive weekly emails with a link to the content that is fresh that week for you. 3.) There is a temple sisterhood group through facebook where you can go to receive support through any resistance that you are experiencing. Being in the energy of your sisters + me can help you receive the inspiration to stay motivated to engage. 4.) I will be posting weekly posts in the sisterhood temple that remind you to ask for support when you need it and that will provide check-ins with you throughout the program. 5.) You have the option of completing monthly homework assignments (that are ONLY 3 questions). This will help to hold you accountable to staying engaged. 6.) My energy is wired to inspire you to show up and have the will to motivate to inititate change. So if this is something that you are generally challenged by, being in my energy and the container of the program will support you to move through it, so you don't have to struggle on your own.

Why a group program?

The container of the program has a frequency. And it is the frequency of the program and what it can offer you that you are drawn to. Everyone in the program helps to create the frequency of the container. When you are in a sisterhood that is held in an alchemical container with the common intention of helping you to feel wealthy within and birth your heaven on earth - you receive inspiration, support, motivation, and witnessing from the other sisters in the program, which is an expereince that is truly priceless. If you are challenged by staying motivated and seeing things through - this is for you. If you are challenged by allowing yourself to receive support - this is for you. If you have a hard time asking for help - this is for you. If you have a hard time feeling like you belong - this is for you. Because the group container will help you to move through all of these challenges in a safe space that is conducive for growth and healing, so that you can embody an expanded version of yourself that is essential for helping you to birth your Heaven on Earth.

Will I still get value and results even though this is offered online?

Yes. The caveat always being that you are willing to show up and engage. Time and separation are technically an illusion. So even if it appears that you are sitting at your home in one part of the world and everyone else are in different parts of the world, in spiritual truth, we are all together. Technology can feel frustrating at times AND it is a huge gift that it brings us together from all over the world to have shared journeys that facilitate growth, expansion, and evolution. Having access to the program online, gives you the ability to tune into the content at your own leisure and timing to make it easier to integrate into your lifestyle. So for you ladies who can have a lot on your plate - this os particularly for you! You get to still receive support, yet there is a lot of flexibility and options in how you bring the material into your life thoruhgout the program and beyond.