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The 13 Month Passage to Rise As a Profitable Priestess

1:1 intensive mentorship that supports women in sacred biz clear their energetic past to make more money for their healing gifts. 


Rebirthed will support you:

uncover & move through ‘blocks’, inner wounds + stories that are keeping you limited in how much money you can make as a healer

+ become more magnetic to money, clients, and resources in your sacred work to make profit in your biz

all the while aligning your biz with your values, your purpose, and joy. 

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Imagine feeling completely supported by your biz & by money in your priestessing. You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, replenished and so excited to show up for your inspired actions.


I mean let's be real. We're human. Initiations and challenges will arise.  And that said - this underlying feeling of support by money & your biz + this approach of being nourished in reciprocity is TOTALLY possible. 

You deserve to make an affluent income for your priestessing.

It is possible to call in money for your spiritual service in a way that is ethical and feels good to you.

You get to align your vocation with your purpose, while living a life of joy and abundance.

Do any of these scenarios sound like where you are in your biz right now?


➟ You’ve been feeling burnt-out and frustrated as you keep giving and giving + not receiving enough in return to sustain you. 


➟ Your model has you hustling and working all the time to keep up with client demands because you're not charging enough for your work and you're moving from service to service to make ends meet.


➟ And maybe you're hustling because you're in limbo - you have one foot in your day job world and the other in your soul's work world and you've got so many moving pieces to attend to #allthetime.


➟ Maybe you feel like it's not spiritual to charge a profitable income and so you waffle between knowing you need more money, but feeling resistance to charge more.


➟ Or perhaps you're not feeling that inspired by your work right now. You’ve created your business in a way that will make you money, but not necessarily in the way that lights up your heart and aligns with your values, purpose, and deepest gifts.


➟ And possibly you're just feeling stagnant in your business. You've met a certain threshold and you feel like you don't have the time or energy to move to where you want to be to balance work, life, and play in a way that feels nourishing and expansive to you AND your community.


So wherever you are, I want you to know where you are now is not where you have to be or always will be. There are some sticky things that can get in the way of flow & ease in biz.


Some invitations to try on:

You don’t need to work harder to bring more money in. You just need to manage your energy better.


Part of that is having your mind, energy + body all on the same page. And when they’re not, it’s really hard to gain momentum to make profit.


If your brain is telling you that you need to make a certain amount of money, but energetically you feel depleted, and physically you don’t have the stamina to hold space for your current profit model that's a problem.


AND compound on top of that, if you believe you're incapable or unworthy to make a profitable income as a priestess...

that’s gonna make it even harder.

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 You get to make profit as a priestess + feel supported every step of   the way, as your work ripples waves of change. 

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Martyr syndrome is a thing of the past.


There is this outdated story that says we need to make our healing too affordable, even at the expense of our own wellness and well-being. Sound familiar?


That somehow offering spiritual services means that you better not be making an abundant income, because that's unethical and only for people like Doctors, and Lawyers, and Architects, ya know?


Basically this belief that it’s wrong to charge a sustainable income prevents the money from flowing in.