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In the challenge, I’ll give you one potent money mindset shifting tool that you practice every day for 5 days in a row. 


PS - last time I committed to this tool for 30 days straight - the next month, my income doubled.

This will give you the ritual, the community, and the motivation to help you gain momentum in healing your relationship with money. And why?


So that you can call in more money, get out of the debt cycle, + feel supported by money.

And why now? #virgoseason. It's the perfect time to build Earthly systems that will set you up for success, so that what you reap this fall is ABUNDANCE.

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When you think about money - if the first thing you feel is:

worrisome thoughts, instant stress + overwhelm - then this is for you.


Money is an energy and our minds like to create all sorts of stories about what money is and how there’s not enough of it to go around. 


How you feel about money matters.


So let’s try on something new (because it’s possible!). When you think about money, you feel: excited, joyful, inspired, supported. And when you feel this way about money - what happens?


You call in situations involving money that help you to feel like you’re abundant AND thriving.


If you’d love some support in tending to your relationship with money, so that you can live a life that is debt-free, abundant + lights you up -


Priestess Your Money is gonna pave your way forward.

All in all, you'll receive....

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A Money Medicine Ritual

5 daily e-mail reminders

5 daily call to action posts to complete in Wild Moon Sisters for accountability

+ a surprise gift when you complete the challenge!


Gift Series Logistics

Challenge begins September 14th!

When you sign-up for this series, you'll receive a welcome e-mail, and then before the challenge starts, you'll receive a video that teaches you how to use the money mind-set shifting tool.


And then each day of the challenge, you'll receive a reminder e-mail, with a prompt to head over to Wild Moon Sisters to track your progress in the challenge.

Because who doesn't need a little bit of accountability from time to time?



If you complete the challenge... you'll be gifted with a surprise!!!!

Image by Katie Harp