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Your Womb is the Missing Link

I was lying down on the ground, knees bent, hands on my womb, and THE most visceral experience of solace washed through my body. As this oceanic wave spread, these words came to me, “I am what I seek.”

Meghan Lockhart

And in that moment, I felt the embodied wisdom that no-thing or no-one outside of myself is going to give me what I seek, rather that everything that I am seeking outside of myself is already packaged up inside of me. I had memories flash through me of so many instances in my life where I sought validation from someone else to help me feel whole. But in that moment, I felt whole, just as I was - perfectly, imperfect with all of my shadow and my light. What once was mental understanding, finally washed through my body as embodied wisdom. And that’s where the magic happens. That’s where the transformation occurs. When finally, we take the understanding and bring it down and into our body temples as embodied experience. I had been going through some trying times before this embodied experience occurred. I had been seeking validation, allowing others to give me my worth and allowing myself to fall victim to not being enough. And it sucked. I was for sure riding the wave or turmoil, and it was DEEP. Have you experienced this too?

So when I finally allowed myself to let go, to come back to myself, to be held in the temple that is me - it was beyond relieving and beyond transformational to finally receive the medicine that I was seeking, which was actually…. me. The months leading up to this process of returning to wholeness saw me opening up to my womb portal. I started a yoni egg practice to tap into my womb in a physical way. I connected with her everyday. I started womb anointing practices. I accessed her as a portal for mystical guidance and clarity. I was diving deep into the mystery through the priestess arts, in which I journeyed through the 13 different faces of the Goddess to reclaim missing pieces of myself. And every single ceremony that I sat through, I was gifted the opportunity to sit in the womb of silence (as said in the 13 Moon Mystery School). And for each of these practices, I had a different mentor to show me the way. For 2 years, I had been journeying deeply with my womb-space before this pivotal embodied experience that I had washed through me like a wave. Of course I knew that everything was inside of me. Of course, I knew that I am what I seek. Of course I knew, that the only thing that can actually make me happy is me. But - I didn’t FEEL it.

The key difference was that after that experience - what once was just knowledge had become embodied wisdom, so now when shit hits the fan and I fall into victim consciousness and old behavioural patterns start to play out, I wake up that much quicker, because I can call upon the memory in my body, and say “oh yes… I am what I seek…” And all the muck, all the distortion, all the illusion… well… it falls away that much quicker, and instead of getting lost to the washer cycle of my emotional tides, with much more skill and mastery, I can witness what arises, see it, ride the wave and then let. It. go…. And in that process, I am liberated. This is part of the process of womb awakening that we all have the capacity to do. But just as we must go to a chemistry class to learn how to become a Chemist, we must also learn the way from mentors who can help us to awaken this portal. Because yes, everything is inside of you, and eventually you will find it. But if you are ready for transformation RIGHT NOW, like you’re ready to shift some past stories and old paradigms, so that you can experience deeper layers of liberation, then I am ready to be that mentor for you. And what you’ll get on the other side of this transformation is deeper peace, deeper clarity, deeper embodiment + the healing of layers of different traumas.

As you heal your womb, you heal your bloodlines, past, present, and future. Can you see how this work is bigger than you, but that it is galactic too? For when a womyn chooses to embody her womb, miracles happen. Your womb is the missing link - the link that will heal generations of trauma. Your liberation is the liberation of all of humxnity; it’s pretty epic.

Are you ready to join me on this womb awakening journey? You can learn about Womb Nourished Mystic here.

Meghan Lockhart

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