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Womb Revolution - Birthing a New Earth of Love

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

"Our Mother's womb is the cradle of existence. Scientific research now shows that who we are on all levels - biologically, emotionally, and psycho-spiritually - is profoundly affected by our experiences in the womb....

While we are gestating in the womb, our genetic expression is modified by literally everything that our mother experiences - foods, toxins, relationships, emotions, illness, family, support, cultural beliefs, and so forth. Her deep inner experience weaves us into being. Positive or negative experiences turn on or off different portions of our DNA, and until they are healed, these changes determine our lives at a deep subconscious and genetic level.....

All humans are now experiencing such a dense, cumulative epigenetic ancestral load that as soon as we enter the womb, our direct feeling receptivity to the primordial Love of Creator disconnects, and we experience feelings of terror, isolation, abandonment and separation upon entering this Earth dimension." (Womb Awakening, Azra & Seren Bertrand)

This quotation beautifully illustrates the pertinent role that the womb plays in the lives of every single humxn on Earth - from creation of life, to the formulation of emotional wellness, to physical well-being, to adaptability to stress and resilience.

So much of our capacity to receive and trust has to do with those first 9 months of gestation in our mother's womb.

During this time, we are spirit being weaved into physical form. When we are in the womb, and up until age 7, our brains are operating at the most receptive frequency, downloading programs that teach us how to move through the world.

These programs define our reactions to situations for the rest of our lives, until we re-write and upgrade the programs. After age 7, we are much less receptive to receiving and downloading information, which is why it becomes so hard to heal from deep traumas and learn how to respond to stimuli in new ways.

In all of us is a wounded child. The unhealed wounded children of our parents get passed down to us, as it was to them, so on and so forth, through the entire lineage of our bloodlines.

Working with Great Mother and communing with the womb portals of the Cosmic Womb, the Earth Womb, and your womb can support you in healing those wounds into wholeness.

Because time is technically an illusion, when we enter ceremonial space, we can travel dimensionally to the time when these wounds occurred, which can repair and activate the parts of our DNA that have been turned off and damaged, those parts that tell us to trust, to allow, and to be held by Life.

We all come from a Mother's womb. The womb is the source of creation. The womb is the origin of our life on this Earth. There is SO much potential of healing, growth, and liberation when we go back to the beginning - the womb.

It may seem daunting to hear this quotation "(a)ll humans are now experiencing such a dense, cumulative epigenetic ancestral load that as soon as we enter the womb... we experience feelings of terror, isolation, abandonment and separation." And it is. But.... in these words, I hear so much hope - in that when we start to attend to our wombs and look into the face of the trauma, with allies + support - we can re-weave a new collective consciousness.

When we heal these wounds, we are set free. This healing is for us, for the generations before us, and for the generations after us. This is some of the most powerful work that we can do to heal our lineage, ourselves and Earth, so that we can operate in systems that are aligned with Truth, with Love, with Abundance and with Bliss.

We have all come from the maternal lineage to the original clan Mother of Earth. When one womb heals, it heals the entire bloodline - for you were in your Grandmother's womb, and she in her's, and she in her's - and so on, so forth, all... the.... way.... back....

What happens when all womxn do this work? It becomes a renaissance - one in which we collectively seed a new world.

If the current paradigm has the power to bring us into a state of scarcity that means a shifted paradigm offers the opportunity to birth a world of abundance. This takes all of us. It's a womb revolution - one in which we birth a new Earth through our spiral descent back home.

Your womb is so powerful, whether you still have one or not - whether you've ever had one or not, because you have an etheric womb, and in that womb-space is the source of your ability to create. And you get to choose, we all get to choose what it is that we are birthing into being.

Womb sovereignty is a lost art that is being reclaimed. Come, step-in closer, sister, if you want to learn these ways to consciously co-create a world that you want to live in, one that will support life for generations to come - I'd LOVE to support you. You can re-write your womb-story and re-program the blue-print that has created the lens through which you see your reality.

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