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Womb Breathing - What It Is + How To Do It

Meghan Lockhart

"You need to connect with your womb. This will be part of the work that you share."

When I received this guidance, I was just waking up to the remembrance that a womb is more than a uterus. As I was stepping onto the Priestess Path, a cue that I heard often during guided journeys was 'breathe into your womb.'

At first, I thought it was a creative way of saying 'breathe into your belly.' As a yoga teacher, I knew that directing the breath into the belly allows the calming nervous system to turn on and enables a sense of relaxation in the entire body.

As I followed the guidance of my mentor, I discovered the mystical womb and recognized that anchoring into the womb is a WHOLE lot more than turning the parasympathetic nervous system on.

I recognized that apart from it being an incredible physical organ that it is also an etheric vessel of emptiness. It is the power centre that magnetically draws energy down and in to birth creation.

I have come to remember that being connected to our wombs is ESSENTIAL for personal and collective well-being, health, and peace.

There are so many ways to connect with your womb, and it is my honour in this life-time to mentor womxn in how to do so. Just as all things, connecting with the womb starts with coming into relationship with Her.

The most simple and tangible step that I have found to foster this relationship and to anchor into Her every day is a ritual that I call Womb Breathing.

What is Womb Breathing?

This is a practice in which you consciously direct your breath into your womb-space and spend time in empty presence with Her. The breath is used as the vehicle that anchors the mind down, the hands on the womb provide a physical bearing of where to focus your attention, and the inner gaze on your womb-space allows you to be in relationship with Her.

This practice has completely transformed my life and has offered me an easy blueprint to anchor into my womb everyday.

Meghan Lockhart

How Womb Breathing Can Serve You

I have always been highly intuitive, AND I have been challenged with the initiation of doubt about EVERY. THING. I did... I used to second guess nearly every step that I took. "Did I say the right thing? Should I have done that? Oh shit, did I hurt their feelings...?" etc. etc.

I used to put WAY more faith in other people than I put in myself. There were so many ways that I gave away my power by trusting other people's opinions and abilities over mine.

Can you relate in any way?

This practice helped me to learn how to trust myself, to hone in on my intuitive abilities, and to put faith in Great Mother - because well, she's infinite, galactic, universal, and the Source.

As I did this practice, I felt more and more inspired, more and more creative, more and more alive, + more and more confident. I started to TRUST... myself.

I started receiving intuitive downloads All. The. Time. I started seeing synchronicities EVERYWHERE.

So much magic bedazzled my life that I noticed I had started smiling more, laughing more often, feeling a lightness in my heart more frequently, and noticing beauty all around me.

This practice has been seminal in my life. It can support you to:

  • arrive home in your body,

  • anchor into your power centre,

  • connect with Great Mother (or whatever word you use for Source energy)

  • receive guidance about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

How to Practice Womb Breathing

Meghan Lockhart

The main reason I love this practice is because it's so. damn. simple. + so. unbelievably. effective.

It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour. It's completely up to you. Here' how to do it. Feel free to add your own adaptations and creativity! This is just the start. Make this ritual into your own.


I encourage you to either lay completely flat on your back in the posture of savasana (corpse pose) or with your knees bent and resting together. This allows the side of your body that is connected to Divine be supported by Earth. This helps your nervous system relax, to anchor into faith, and to cultivate the art of relaxation, which opens the gateways to your womb. The key is to soften your body and allow yourself to BE HELD by Great Mother.


I encourage you to either make a down-ward pointing triangle with your hands or bring them into a heart shape. The shape of your hand creates a shape of energy in your body. The triangle is one variation of yoni mudra and the heart invites the essence of love.


Allow your inner awareness to follow the cycle of your breath, and I mean to literally watch the breath enter your nose, go down your throat, arrive in the lungs, and then make the physical journey back out. This supports your mind to focus and to purify as you witness the thoughts and emotions that arise, which makes it easier to arrive into a state of presence.


Now, begin to watch your breath fall down, down, down - all the way into your womb. Watch your breath arrive in your womb, cycle by cycle for as long as you feel called.


Eventually arrive at the centre of your womb-space and sit in a place of complete stillness with your womb. At this point, your attention is completely internalized, as you are now anchored into your womb portal and in relationship with Her. Stay here as long as you like.

** Please Note - all of these instructions may make the practice appear more complicated than it truly is... the key is to arrive in your womb and be there with her. That's it. That's all. These are guidelines to help get you there. **

This practice creates the foundation to access your womb as you walk through your day. It will train you how to slow down, tune in, and listen for the voice that emerges from the epicentre of your womb.

I would LOVE to serve you on your womb awakening journey.

Do you feel the call to come closer? I offer 1:1 womb wisdom mentorship that can support you turn pain into pleasure and attune to the primordial wisdom that longs to birth through you. It is your birth-rite to experience your womb as the magical cauldron that She is. LEARN MORE HERE.




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