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Who is Mary Magdalene?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Mary Magdalene
Artwork by Igreja Gnostica do Brasil

Around 2,000 years ago, a powerful womxn by the name of Mary Magdalen walked the Earth as a devoted Priestess of the one unified God/Goddess, as an embodiment of the Great Mother of Love.

In one interpretation, her name means tower of strength. And she really is that. When I connect with her essence - I feel the magnificence of all that She is ripple through me. She has become my closest guide and ally since I consciously remembered our connection.

She had been dropping a rose petal trail for me my entire life, and it took me a few decades to wake up and remember.

I know her to be the beloved of Yeshua (Jesus Christ), a Priestess of Isis, and a full embodiment of the Divine Feminine aspect of Creation.

She was a profound incarnation of Love, and it was said that at the cross of her beloved's crucifixion, red roses bloomed from her tears.

She is now written in history as the apostle of the apostles - the One who knew Yeshua's teachings the closest, the one who could FEEL him in her Heart, even after he was crucified.

She was just as much his teacher as he was hers. They were her teachings too.

As she initiated him, he initiated her. They were equals.

After thousands of years of being called a prostitute in the Bible, the Catholic Church revoked this in 2016 and labeled her a Saint. She is honoured every July 22nd for the Mary Magdalene Feast Day.

The Beloveds

It is still not publicly recognized amongst all circles that she was the wife of Jesus and the mother of his daughter Sar'h, but there are several passages in the Bible that strongly support this.

I believe that there is still much unveiling to do in the public eye to show to the world who she truly was and is and what her role actually was when she walked this Earth.

Mary Magdalen worked in partnership with Yeshua to pave the Way of Love.

She helped him to activate a global grid of Sophia Christ consciousness and profoundly held the polarities of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within her body to assist her beloved to birth a Golden Dawn on Earth.

She initiated him in the Sex Magic of Isis and the Alchemies of Horus to help his Ka body to strengthen, so that when he walked the path in the underworld that he would fully resurrect as a fully embodied Christ to pave the way for all other souls to follow.

In final preparation for Yeshua's resurrection after his crucifixion, she anointed his body with sacred oils and her deep pools of unconditional love. She fulfilled her destined role to support him to rise as the prophesied Messiah by reenacting the same Resurrection Rites that were performed by Isis on her beloved Osiris thousands of years before.

And after Yeshua's body disappeared in the cave that his body rested in, he first appeared to her to deliver the good news.

Mary Magdalene
Artwork By Sue Ellen Parkinson

His work would not have been complete without her, for she was a pivotal figure in allowing for the spaciousness to open as he delivered his sermons when he spoke of the Way, as well as preparing him to master the proper initiations to be able to walk through the underworld and ascend into his light body, Christed form.

Even though her role was more hidden, it was just as essential to the teachings of Love as water is to humans.

She continued the ministry of the Way of Love even after Yeshua's death. Out of safety, she was forced to flee Jerusalem and made her way to settle in Southern France, where she had a following of disciples who listened to her sermons and lovingly devoted to her as she spent the rest of her days in communion with her beloved in a cave until her death.

She was forgotten by many and is now being collectively remembered. She is the face of all of us, especially those of us who have been shamed, cast aside, and hidden.

She is a beacon of light, the embodiment of erotic innocence and a mentor to thousands of womxn, men and non-binaries who are walking their sacred mission to bring equality and the next Golden Age to our Mother Earth.

Would You Like to Dive Deeper?

Magdalen's Womb Bundle

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What is your relationship with Mary Magdalen? Share in the comments below.

And please note that there has been a lot of contradictory information that has been shared about Mary Magdalen through the ages. It can be confusing to know what is true and not. There is no need to take my words as truth.

In fact, I invite you to receive what resonates and to leave all of the rest. The truth will unveil itself from your own personal inquiry and inner gnosis.

All that I have shared has come from my own research and from my personal relationship with her as a mentor in my life.



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