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What is Wealth Consciousness?

Well... Here's what wealth consciousness means to me...

It's about my ability to feel wealthy within, my ability to feel in my bones and in my body that I am worthy, that I am enough, that I am fucking amazing and capable.

Wealth consciousness is building up my self-esteem, because when I feel better about myself, the world reorganizes to support me, to fulfill me, to bring me my dreams. ✨

Wealth consciousness is about feeling grateful for all that I am and all that surrounds me. It is feeling life pulse in my veins. It is about feeling awake, vibrant and allowing myself to be joyful.

When I feel good - when I step onto my throne as Sovereign Queen of my life - the Universe can't help but love me, give to me and provide me with the resources that I need. ✨

It is about paving the way and helping others to see that we can wake up from this dream of scarcity and competition to see that abundance for all is a reality.

It's about re-writing our mental computer programs so that we can shift into the next paradigm of consciousness and usher in the next golden age for Earth. ✨

Wealth consciousness is about embodying the state of abundance within, because when we FEEL wealthy, miracles can't help but fall from the sky. ✨

And I am not perfect in this process, in fact I am in the midst of re-writing my limiting beliefs, cultivating a healthy relationship with money and learning how to embody abundance.

And I still feel afraid too, I still wonder where the money is too, I still feel unworthy to receive sometimes too... ✨

It is a process, one that does not happen over night. It takes dedication and consistency, but the rewards are fruitful and feel so damn good.

I'd like to invite you to reflect about what your relationship to wealth and money is.

Here are a few journal prompts to get you started:

1.) When you think about making money for your most innate and authentic offerings to humanity, how does that feel in your body? Lean into that feeling and inquire about where that sensation comes from.

2.) When you think about asking someone for money, what body sensations arise? Excitement and joy, constriction and ickiness? Why do you think this is so?

3.) What is your relationship with money like? Has it always been this way? What has contributed to it?

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