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Part 1 - We Are the Grand-Daughters of the Witches the Patriarchy Couldn't Burn

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

She told me that the veil of 'equality' had lifted when she discovered that her male co-workers - who had less experience and education, had been with the company for a shorter period of time, AND worked less - still received a bigger pay check...


And she said that she worked her ASS off, proving herself day in and day out, working 16 hour days - and doing a killer job to the point that her mental health was taking a toll.

She expressed shock in this realization, stating that she had not noticed the insidious ways that gender inequality continue to be perpetuated through the world. She began noticing the little things after that - like sale's clerks looking at her boyfriend, rather than her.

And I said, dang girl.... 'me too....' I've also over-worked to prove my worth, I've also found that tipping point, I too have noticed those small insidious situations, often unrecognized like a small speck of dirt on khaki pants - they can blend right in....

She told me how this woke her up to what is going on all over the world and has inspired her to start speaking on behalf of womxn and for womxn.

And with such a big smile and deep sense of relief, I said, "yeeeee.... this is why I do the work that I do too."

It's not commonly remembered and recognized that there was a genocide of womxn in Europe.

"The myth of the 'feminine evil,' which has dominated the Western world for over two thousand years, led logically and directly to the religiously targeted murder of women as witches during the Great Inquisition of Europe... the estimates range from 1 million to 9 million people burned as witches between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries" (Monica Sjoo and Barbara More from The Great Cosmic Mother).

When I read this statistic in the Return of the Divine Sohpia - I was floored "...on average, more than three American women are murdered by their husbands or their boyfriends every day, and that one in every 6 women have experienced a completed or attempted rape" (Tricia McCannon, 387).

Every time I remember that womxn only received the right to vote in the USA 100 years ago - it sobers me and puts into perspective how little time has passed since womxn had few rights in the country of my birth.

It can be easy to fall into the illusion that misogyny and gender inequality is a thing of the past, in the West, especially when we remember the Burning Times.

And it does still happen.... everyday - sometimes in the appalling instances of assault and more often in those small insidious ways - those ones of being looked over as incapable, not being offered the same respect as male counterparts, being the brunt of the joke, or being shamed for our gender.

How many times have you heard someone being called a 'pussy' for not 'sacking up'? As if it's somehow bad or wrong to be a pussy, which is associated with female genitalia, insinuating that to be a womxn is unworthy and not good enough.

Or how many times have you heard a prostitute or stripper joke? And it's like... dang... that's a womxn's profession.

Or how many times have you heard someone say that she was asking for it? As if somehow, her 'provocative' outfit made the assault either warranted or understandable.

There were times in my youth when I was jealous of the boys, wanting to be like them, sometimes even wanting to be them. My younger self recognized the inequality in those small ways - saw those instances in which the boys were given more regard, respect, permission, opportunity, and authority.

This fire for womxn's rights burns within as passion to propel me forward in the work that I do.

It inspires me to support womxn to anchor into, connect with, and come into right relationship with their power centre - THEIR WOMBS.

This is my way of birthing the new Earth, of priestessing the paradigm shift, of breaking that glass ceiling, of merging the inequality gap..

My femininity is something I used to dislike and feel uncomfortable with - and it was the reclamation of those parts of myself that helped me to step into sovereignty, and to live as a more integrated and whole be-ing.

Feminine power is raw, wild, un-tamable, unpredictable, creative, cyclical....

And for so long we have been kept from it, the patriarchy has stomped us into submission, and we have lived in a paradigm that intrinsically does not work with the timing and cycle of our wombs.

Yet - we are still here sisters, alive and well.

The Divine Feminine is flourishing. The Goddess is being remembered and we are REMEMBERING our lost arts. We are the witches that the patriarchy couldn't burn.

And we get to be here, speaking on behalf of ALL of those womxn in the past, present and future. What an honour and privilege it is.

This is a revolution - a womb revolution - one is which we get to come back home to our bodies, to ourselves, to our innate cycle and evolution - to live in harmony with our innate power and inspire so much life on Earth as we do so.

The health, healing, wellness, confidence, intuition, clarity, ancestral connection, and wise womxn ways that can come from reclaiming the womb humbles me, brings me to tears, brings me excitement, and lights me up.

A witch truly is a womxn unto herself - sovereign, in communion with herself, Earth, and Cosmos - and we get to reclaim our grandmothers' wisdom. What a blessing.

Psst...If you loved this post, read Part 2 - We Are the Witches that the Patriarchy Burned here.

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Meghan Lockhart

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