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We Are the Daughters Our Grandmothers Have Been Waiting For

When I traveled through my homeland of Wyoming this last time around, I made a ritual out of speaking with the Earth in each new location that I went.

Meghan Lockhart

I literally plopped my bum down on the ground, placed my palms on the soil and listened. I sat like this for some time. The longer that I placed my hands on the body of Gaia, the more in sync with her heartbeat that I became.

This helped me to slow down my mind, to enter my body, and to step into a mystical portal.

I then made an offering to the land through my song. Each time was different, but I would vocalize a series of intonations that helped me to connect to the soul of the land. I also offered devotional songs from different lineages that I have acquired through my days.

I then initiated dialogue with the indigenous ancestors of the land that I sat upon. I would thank them for being the stewards and for allowing me safe passage to commune with the landscape. I apologized for the misdeeds of my ancestors and for the ways that I contribute to colonization. I asked for forgiveness and guidance on how to move forward to make amends for the wound between the colonizers and the indigenous peoples.

I would then speak with the spirit of the flora, the fauna, and the plants, as I held a state of gratitude and reverence for their beauty and for being in communion with them.

Meghan Lockhart

At the beginning of the trip – I had this unsatisfied feeling that I was not doing enough, that I was not being of service enough… I was seeking a way to be an even bigger part of the planetary healing….

Have you felt this way too?

But then, during one of the rituals – I realized that THIS IS my way… that I am part of the healing through my own presence – that my willingness to be with the pain and the beauty of the land, in conjunction with my devotional presence, IS my most profound way to be of service.

To be exactly as I am. To be exactly as I am called to be – 100% in my authentic fullness, in my spontaneity, in my inspiration, and in my joy.

Entering ritual space in this way helped me to fill up with purpose. I knew that one prayer at a time, I was doing my piece to weave the body of Gaia into wholeness, that one song at a time, I was waking up the soul of the land, and that one empty presence meditation at a time, I was able to heal my own body and soul, as I allowed myself to fill-up with the essence of Earth.

I became so clear about how desperately we ALL are needed. How each of us needs to show up in total authenticity to be the change for planetary healing through our own unique presence. We each have unique gifts and medicine to offer, and we can become clear about what those are when we come back online in our own bodies to learn who it is that we are at an essence level.

Are you one of the sisters out there who has been feeling the call to be of deeper service? Perhaps sometimes you’ve felt it as an urgent rage and sometimes as an insecurity that you are not doing or being enough?

If this is you – please know that YOU are the change – that YOU, in your fullness, are the gift – that YOU, in your embodiment, are the medicine that is needed.

Gaia has made it so clear to me that the most radical act of love that you can do for Earth is to come home to your body, for you are one living cell that makes up Her body.

If you are willing, I encourage you to take the downward decent into your soul’s home; be present to your emotions; heal your trauma; activate your light codes; connect with your ancestral lines; and feel how the miracle that you are is part of creation, is part of the body of Earth.

Because you are made of the elements of Earth, when you arrive fully in your body, you can feel the body of Gaia within. And when you feel Her, alive and as a living being, you cannot help but act on Her behalf....

We are the daughters that our Grandmothers have been waiting for. We can be the voices of Earth. As Her voice – we can speak on behalf of equality, harmony, restoration and peace.

With all that I am,

Meghan Lockhart



PS – If you are looking for a sisterhood to anchor into for daily inspiration, support and tools to be the change you with to see, I’d love for you to join Wild Moon Sisters.

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