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Those Cramps... It's Not Just PMS

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Your womb speaks to you in so many ways. And one of those ways is through pain. It can be unpleasant; it can be so striking that the pain brings you to your knees. Yet, there's always a message awaiting you if you are willing to listen, to do the investigative work, and to learn how to string together the message, clue by clue.

Sometimes the message is simple, and often times, its origin stems from past-life and ancestral trauma, which can be more complex to decode and learn how to integrate the healing modalities to relieve the pain and restore the womb to it's original template of innocence, innate value, bliss, and creativity.

I was speaking with a client and she asked me how she could anchor into her womb without feeling the pain. And what she was referring to was not physical pain – but emotional pain.

This is something that I hear a lot when I speak with womxn about dropping into their womb-space to connect and build a relationship with her. They are often surprised when they place their hands on their wombs, breathe with her, and then feel an overwhelming surge of grief arise, or an overpowering volcano of anger bubble up, or witness memories of a miscarriage, an abortion, or sexualized abuse arise...

It's common to think of womb pain as PMS, or as something associated with menstruation, menopause, and/or pregnancy - yet there is a whole plethora of womb pain that can arise that one might not recognize is connected to the womb.

This pain that I'm speaking of... this is often trauma and emotions that are stored within the tissues of the womb that make themselves known when we are willing to get still enough to see what is there.

And I'm willing to bet... these womb pains of shame, fear, mistrust, guilt, neglect, and trauma... these are at the root of the physical pain that is experienced in the womb.

I remember a 1 on 1 session that I had with a womxn. At the beginning of our session, she had mentioned that she was experiencing pain in her womb and had been for months. The pain was so constant that she had an appointment to see a Doctor about it. By the end of the session, she said the pain had completely dissipated. She was so surprised (and pleased) that it had subsided.

And why did this happen...?

She was gifted the opportunity to be in relationship with her womb, to peer within, to see what emotions were lying dormant, and to anchor within that space. Through that witnessing process, she experienced liberation. When the emotions released, there was more space for her to embody her womb. In that moment, it was enough to relieve the pain.

Some womb pain will take more effort and commitment to subside, but I still want to highlight how profound the healing can be simply by allowing oneself to drop in.

In our culture, we are trained to look outside of ourselves for solutions. We are taught to receive a medical opinion and to make decisions about our health and our bodies from said opinions. And in certain instances - that is exactly what is needed.... yet in so many, it's not.

There is no one out there who knows your body better than you. It might be counter-intuitive, because an MD for instance has studied for hours on end about the physiology of the body. Yet... not all problems are physical in nature. Tantra Chakra Psychology informs us that every single physical symptom we will ever see in the body has a spiritual origin.

By the time we have a physical ailment, it has traveled through our mental body, emotional body, and has arrived in our physical body. This shows that the complexity of any given ailment is complex and beyond simply looking at the physical body to find a solution.

When we are trained to learn how to access our wombs as an oracle, we can learn highly insightful things about ourselves and where the pain is coming from.

Sometimes relieving womb pain can be as simple as tuning into her, listening to her and being in relationship with one another. And if that doesn't subside the pain - it is a great place to start, and then through that relationship, she can inform you and guide you to the resources and people who can support you in relieving the pain.

It is my intention that this post inspires you to trust yourself more and foster a relationship with your womb and with your body, so that you can become confident in following the intuitive guidance that you receive.

Because sometimes that intuitive guidance... it comes through pain. Next time you feel womb pain arise, whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, I encourage you to drop in and listen. You may be surprised by what you discover.

This article will take you through the process of womb breathing, which can help you to begin to cultivate a relationship with your womb.

I offer 1 on 1 Womb Awakening Mentorship to support womxn turn their pain into pleasure and doubt into trust. You can learn more about how to apply for a FREE 30 minute Clarity Call to discover if partnering together could be your next best step on your healing and transformative journey.

Did this post speak to you in anyway?

Let me know in a comment below, click the heart to breathe energy into my work, or come on over to Wild Moon Sisters to share your experience.



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