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Moonthly Archetypal Shift to Priestess in 2021

Imagine that you are paddling in a canoe across a lake. Mist fills the air. Trust is your companion. You tap into your internal navigation system to guide you through the dense fog.

As you part the veils, a whole world opens up and you can see an island full of vibrancy. There are gorgeous temples, green foliage, flowers, women walking around in long gowns practicing different healing and divination arts.

You are in Avalon. A remembrance activates in every cell of your being as felt gnosis.

Just being in this land of the Priestess brings goosebumps to your skin to tell a story of where you have come from and where you are going.

And right now she is the archetypal frequency that holds the third lunar cycle of this solar-lunar calendar that we are following through the Wheel of the Year until the next New Moon on April 11th.

Priestess is the decoder of symbols, the keeper of the keys of our healing gifts, the parter of the veils, the bridge of our divinity and our humanity, the one who is connected from both above and below.

With water as her ally - she amplifies in stillness. She holds an empty vessel and opens herself up to receive dreams, visions, guidance, transmission.

After the Goddess of Compassion Moon in the season of Aquarius - now that the over-picture has been received,

Priestess is here to decode the messages from Divine to bring them into the mundane as guidance to help you navigate the tides of life.

With 3 planets in Pisces, 1 of them being Neptune (lord of the sea) and Venus (goddess of love) + the sun - the invitation is to dream. Go off the deep-end into the oceanic imagination of your mind.

Daydream your Heaven on Earth - that vision that lights you up, that vision you have for an equitable world, + that vision you have that is your unique piece to play to live a life that both fulfills you AND impacts planetary change.

Dream what it is that your heart most yearns for.

And trust that Priestess is adept in navigating the terrain of your subconscious and unconscious mind. Be willing to go where you normally don’t allow yourself to go.

Priestess is that part inside of you that TRUSTS what is being decoded and received.

As we come up to the Equinox on Saturday, March 20th, there is one second in time that there is complete equanimity of day and night.

Priestess holds this portal open. She invites you to step into this suspended moment in time that holds perfect balance of both the solar and lunar influences within you and outside of you.

Take advantage of these last few days in the dreamy waters of Pisces, because on the 20th - it’s Aries season, and this means it will be time to quicken and take action with all of the dreams, symbols, and visions that you’ve been receiving during Pisces season.

Inquiry to ponder - "what messages am I receiving right now to guide me forward?"

Wild Moon Temple offers a way to deepen in with Priestess when you join Goddess Collective.

There is a guided wombdance journey to activate her as she moves through you + she will be the goddess ally we call upon in our Queen's Council Circle this lunar cycle.

Ready to join Goddess Collective + connect with the Priestess within? This sisterhood is here to help you gain momentum in your sacred biz and soul's work in a way that is in highest alignment with your purpose AND is impactful for the collective.

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** Note - these archetypes came through Ariel Spilsbury as transmission and form the foundation of the 13 Moon Mystery School that she has founded. You can learn more about her work here.

** Note - These moonthly archetypal shifts bridge the solar and lunar calendar to help you be connected to the current energetic bodies at large each month, while navigating them in connection with Divine Feminine wisdom through the Wheel of the Year.

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Meghan supports women rise as profitable healers through Divine Feminine embodiment + womb healing. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple + hosts the Goddess Power Podcast. She is committed to helping women bring their soul's sacred work into the world to impact planetary change. You can learn more here.

Image by Katie Harp

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