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Moonthly Archetypal Shift to Great Mother in 2021

Big exhale... Can you feel the change that the New Moon on Tuesday ushered in? Things feel different, more possible somehow.

One common sentiment I've been hearing is how hard things felt in December. Words I've heard describing it: heavy, sludgy, like a pit, like a hole.

And after those descriptors there's this sentiment that step by step, it's more possible to walk to a lighter place within self that feels more capable and hopeful about what's to come.

Can you relate in anyway?

This lunar cycle invites in the Great Mother.

I'm beyond excited to bring your awareness to this potent frequency. I have a personal bias. This is the frequency of Goddess that vibrates most powerfully within my being.

Great Mother initiates a new cycle. After the solstice in December, she is the first Divine Feminine archetypal moon of the 13 moons throughout the wheel of the year.

Everything begins and ends with Her. She is the life, the greeter after death, and the re-birth.

You see, this Great Mother frequency lives within you.

She lives within all beings. And she is that part of yourself that can hold you in Love, unconditionally. She is that part of self that wants to embrace ALL parts of you - the light the shadow, the beautiful, the ugly, the joy, the pain.

She is the elixir of Unconditional Love that can embrace all inner pains, wounds and traumas to a place of wholeness.

And when this energy comes out of alignment and into the shadow, she can start to resent and turn bitter for all of the ways that she has been over-responsible and burdened with the

'obligation' to take care of everyone and everything, but herself.

The elixir? What to do when you feel overcome with responsibility?

The antidote is to turn your attention within and to provide the same care that is gifted to others to yourself.

This is self-care in it's most exquisite form. Because anywhere in your life that you over-compensate by giving energy to others for the felt lack within self, you begin to self-source a sense of worth from a well so deep that anything you receive is just bonus after that.

Her invitation is to surrender your perceptions of what your ego thinks you need to receive from a wiser space within that KNOWS exactly what your soul needs to feel whole, satiated, and entirely nourished.

Inquiry to ponder - 'how can I allow myself to surrender, so that I can receive?'

The temple offers a way to deepen in with Great Mother when you join Goddess Collective.

There will be a guided meditation with the Great Mother + a Goddess Alchemy Activation with her to help you more powerfully activate + heal with this frequency.

When this frequency is activated in her light qualities, she helps you to abundantly receive, to trust that you are provided for, and to feel held both within yourself and by Earth.

She helps you to overcome feelings of scarcity, abandonment, and burden.

This sisterhood is here to help you gain momentum in your sacred biz and soul's work in a way that is in highest alignment with your purpose AND is impactful for the collective.​ Ready to join Goddess Collective + connect with the Great Mother within? Click the image below to claim your throne in the sisterhood.

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Meghan serves women through 1:1 work + group programs to come home to their inner knowing and empower themselves. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple to support women embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. She is committed to helping her clients bring their soul's work into the world. You can learn more here.

Image by Katie Harp

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