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Creator/Destroyer Moon Energy Forecast in 2021

Updated: Apr 23


Your Moonthly Archetypal Energy to help you priestess the world more divinely

You know when that fire ignites in your belly and you feel the heat rising, you feel that fire getting bigger and bigger - and you feel like you just need to scream, or jump, or kick, or break something...

In that moment, do you let the fire rage or do you put it out?

Well this face of Goddess, the Creator/Destroyer - she lets it BURN like wildfire. All stories of limitation, all fears of scarcity, all programs of unworthiness, all patterns that play out inner wounds - they become fuel, and SHE. BURNS. THEM. TO. THE. GROUND.

She is not interested in playing nice or being liked. She doesn't care if she's too much, too fierce, or too frank. Rather, she laughs in the face of your fears and asks you:

'when are you gonna let this go? When are you gonna release your grip of control?

When are you gonna stop caring about what other people think and just do the damn thing? When are you gonna stop hiding? When are you going to let yourself roar and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?'

What she cares most about is your liberation, and she's willing to do WHATEVER it takes to burn, cut, rip, & tear away all distortions, inner demons, and lies.

And why? Well when all of the ash is settled, something essential will remain - something worth preserving, something worth nourishing and nurturing - and that golden nugget, that's what she will help you to preserve.

And from that place of expansion, she will help you to focus your mind to CREATE that which you actually want to birth in your life and in the world.

So after the clarity of sitting with the Priestess for the last lunar cycle - Creator/Destroyer, in the rest of Aries season + the beginning of Taurus season, is here to give you the momentum, conviction and drive to move forward.

With 5 astrological bodies in Aries on the New Moon on April 11th - it was a potent kick-start to ignite the fire.

So have you had projects on the side-burner? Have you been thinking about going full-time in your work? Have you been wanting to come out of the Priestess closet in your work?

Well the time. is. now.

On April 19th, we move into #taurusseason. This will help you build the habits, routines, patterns, and structures to nourish your creation. This coincides with an Eclipse Activation Event that is charged until the 26th and is forecasted to have global ramifications.

This gets triggered by god of war, Mars, and gets intensified on the 26th by the Full Moon in Scorpio (the energetic signature of depth, intensity, and power). Mars is at home in Scorpio and the Full Moon amplifies these energies.

Your invitation is to work with this heat, boldness + courage of Mars, Creator/Destroyer, and Scorpio to dismantle systems of oppression within you, SO THAT you have the energy and momentum to move forward with power, focus, & precision.

As you destroy limitations, you make space for new life. This gives you room to actually receive more money, clients, resources, and connections that will propel you forward in your priestessing work.

Because ultimately, we need you to come out of hiding EVEN MORE FULLY to show up and do your purpose work.

Inquiry to ponder - "What do I need to release to make space for what I actually want to create?"

If you feel called to receive deeper support in working with Creator/Destroyer and the other 12 faces of Goddess to support you gain momentum in your sacred biz, there is a sisterhood ready to amplify you in your work that you can step into at any time.

Goddess Collective can help you bring your priestessing work to the world in a way that is in highest alignment with your purpose, is impactful for the collective, AND meets the needs of your community.

Want to learn more + see if this sisterhood is aligned for you? Click the image below.

Goddess Collective

** Note - these archetypes came through Ariel Spilsbury as transmission and form the foundation of the 13 Moon Mystery School that she has founded. You can learn more about her work here.

** Note - These moonthly archetypal shifts bridge the solar and lunar calendar to help you be connected to the current energetic bodies at large each month, while navigating them in connection with Divine Feminine wisdom through the Wheel of the Year to help you in your sacred work.

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Meghan supports women rise as profitable Priestessesn through Divine Feminine embodiment + womb healing. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple + hosts the Goddess Power Podcast. She is committed to helping women bring their soul's sacred work into the world to impact planetary change. You can learn more here.

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