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Mary Magdalen Taught Me How to Listen to My Womb

Meghan Lockhart

This might sound like a strange thing to say, since she has not walked Earth in about 2,000 years….. but, she did.

I was sitting in meditation in front of my altar, and I had set the intention to connect with my womb-space to learn how to listen to her voice.I had no idea how to do this. I once heard a mentor of mine state that she could hear other womyns’ wombs speak to her.

This really intrigued me.

How was I to know if I was actually hearing the voice of my womb or…. something else? So I turned to my home-girl, Mary Magdalen. Because, well… she’s my main guide, and I trust her the most.

So as I sat in meditation, I kept listening, perhaps a little too hard at first. I could hear Mary Magdalen’s voice in my head, offering me tips. She would say things like, “bring your inner gaze to your womb” and “soften your inner ears” and “listen even deeper.”

And my inner voice would say, “is this deep enough?” As I felt ready to give up and leave the meditation, and she would say, “listen deeper… and deeper… and deeper.”

So I kept listening deeper until I actually heard this voice emerge. I could hear it, and what shook me the most was that I could FEEL it.

This voice was hella-wise, super slow and ancient. There was a rhythmic cadence, an essence that pulled me down and in, as if I was being magnetically drawn into a dark cave of silence.

It was pretty wild.

And if I had not allowed myself to receive Mary Magdalen’s guidance, I might not have ever actually learned how to find my womb’s voice.

But her mentorship was pivotal. Because she already knew the way before me, she was able to show me how to get there.

And because I trust her… well, I was able to dive deep.

Since this day, I have anchored into my womb’s voice for mystical guidance on a number of different things. Anchoring into her portal is actually how I bring all of my creative ideas and inspirations into form.

I never actually create anything. I consult my womb and the wisdom and guidance always arises from her. It’s like having a built in oracle card. It just takes a quiet mind and patience to find her.

You have this ability too. We all do. It’s something that is part of our design. We aren’t taught how to do this in school, however - so most of us never learn how to access this built-in guidance system that we can access 24/7.

If you would love to learn how to listen to your womb’s voice. I’d love to show you the way. I have a program called Womb Nourished Mystic that is designed to support you to receive the healing required in this space, so that you can transmute any of the pain and suffering in that space and arrive on the other side to experience the joy and the magic that is the portal of your womb.

You can learn more here.

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