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How to Anchor Into Faith When It Feels Like the World Is Falling Apart

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There is no doubt that the entire globe is united in our need to feel safe and secure at this time. Now more than ever, there is a global cry out to be held.

As a collective, we are stepping into unknown territory. The hysteria is real. The panic is real. The fear is real. The situation is real.

Whatever you believe about what is behind the pandemic, or what this means for our evolution as a species - what's real, is this moment, right now.

You get to choose what you do with the information that you have and how you respond to it. You do have control of that.

Its okay to experience fear, and it's okay to feels all of the feels...

What's unhealthy, however - is to become over-run by it OR to completely repress it.

I invite you to find the balance - to make space for the fear that needs to be witnessed + seen, while holding yourself in compassion, and then allowing yourself to move through it in a way that feels good.

....This could look like coming to your yoga mat. ....Doing your breath-work practices. ....Dancing with wild abandon. ....Screaming into a pillow. ....Talking it out with someone you trust. ....Participating in a healing ceremony. ....Singing.

When we become overwhelmed by fear, it does impact our nervous system, and that does impact our well-being and our immune functioning, which impacts our ability to thrive.

When we repress what we are feeling - it can come out as blaming others, judging others, projecting it onto others, some major self-sabotage, denial that anything is wrong, dissociation and inaction, withdrawal from reality + unhealthy coping behaviours.

I invite you to take ownership for what you are feeling, to make some space to feel it, and then to choose your favourite practice to move through it.

And then repeat as needed. This is the process of alchemy.

When you move through the acute feelings of fear that arise and come back to a state of calm - I invite you to begin to invite in the experience of faith as your baseline.

Tantric Chakra Psychology shows us that learning how to trust in something that is beyond our 3D plane is absolutely fundamental to our ability to feel safe in this life. The antidote to fear is faith.

So as 3D structures continue to fall apart (as they are...) it's essential to find something else to anchor into. If you also have had a sticky relationship with 'faith,' especially if you've come from a patriarchal religious tradition that is derogatory towards womxn and preaches suffering and atonement for sins... it can be particularly challenging to re-wire your field to come into the frequency of trust.

So what is it that you choose to anchor your faith into? What is worthy of your faith?

This is for you to decide.

My suggestion - start with Mother Earth. Start by building your connection to her. Learn how to feel held and safe from her protection and all that she provides for you.

I'd suggest that you start with gratitude.

1.) Recognize and list every single thing that Earth provides for you. And this list could be real long... You'll start to see how literally everything that you have comes from Earth.

2.) Re-visit each item and say "Yes. Thank You. I accept. I receive." (Thanks Kaia Ra for this affirmation).

3.) As you say that affirmation - really create the feeling of gratitude within your heart. It's not about going through the motions, it's about feeling the frequency of gratitude, so that you feel truly thankful for what Earth is providing you with. FEELING gratitude is what creates the alchemy + cultivates the connection.

(Tip - if it's hard to create the feeling of gratitude... try to remember what it feels like to take a hot shower, for instance, and remember how good that feels).

Easy peasy...! Ritual complete. Let this be a starting point. See if having gratitude for the real tangible things that Earth is providing you with can cultivate a deeper relationship with Her.

Next Step... anchor into faith

Essentially - you need to be able to anchor your faith into something that is in the frequency of Unconditional Love (and I really mean love with NO conditions) and that is not bound, but is timeless, eternal, and everlasting.

See if your experience of Earth can grow into an archetypal frequency. This could be a specific face of Goddess (like Mary Magdalene, Aphrodite, Kuan Yin, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Isis...)

You can continue to recognize Mother Earth as this frequency too, but it is key to allow your understanding of Earth to grow from only this 3D realm to the 5D realm - so that you see how she extends beyond this time, this space, and this dimension.

And then have a daily practice in which you honour and recognize your connection to that Goddess.

You could say something like this:

"Mary Magdalene, I call upon you now. Thank you for being in my life now and always. Thank you for showing me how to feel grounded, held, supported, and safe."

Want More Support to Anchor into Faith?

I've created a free gift series that will take you through the Holy Trinity of the Womb to give you a simple map to anchor into faith for a feeling of visceral safety in your body.

When you allow yourself to be held by the source of creation, miracles can happen and you anchor into the frequency of trust, safety, and calm.

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