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Ancestral Healing Through Land Stewardship

Meghan Lockhart

When I finally arrived to the piece of land that had been calling out to me to tend, I felt such joy. It felt like a home-coming, a remembrance. Belonging.

I walked around the 4 corners of the lot to be held by the 4 bloodlines of my lineage and offered rose petals and herbs that had been on my altar for 9 months.

The rose, the nettle leaf, the sage, the basil... they received the devotion of my spiritual practice every single day. And that's what I was offering to Earth. Carriers of my most sincere heart's prayer.

I could feel the place that wanted to receive the tobacco leaves as an offering to the ancestors of the land - the K'tunaxa Nation - for whom I am forever indebted for being graced on their land.

I continued to walk and empty more herbs, oils, sacred waters and written prayers around the plot that were in the ancestral jar that I crafted on Samhain.

As I walked around the land - I said hello to the Oregon Grape Vine leaves, the wild rose, and the spruce trees... I spoke prayers of ancestral reparations, of deep gratitude.

I thanked the land for receiving us, the ancestors for receiving us. I felt so humbled that this place had chosen us. I could feel how unseen allies helped make it possible for us to arrive and tend to this specific plot.

You see - the spirit of the land, the ancestors, and the allies have been calling out to me, preparing me to take responsibility for the karma of this land to help bring balance, restoration, reciprocity and peace to this area for years now.

Tending to land was a seed that me and hubby planted 9 years ago, and the last 5 years, especially the months coming up to this time, saw me doing deep ancestral healing work.

It may not seem like purchasing a piece of property and ancestors are linked, but they are - especially when you step into stewardship.

The land has a vision for us, and part of this vision is cultivating connection to Earth through ceremony, rituals, sadhana, light work, shadow work, growing food and being in daily relationship with the same piece of land.

This helps bring balance to Earth, to the ancestors of the land, and to my ancestors too. And this ripples a chain of healing through my bloodlines and across the globe. Pretty cool, hey?

Meghan Lockhart

As I connect with Earth - I feel my ancestors call out to me through dandelion, the rose, the mountains, the fresh air, the soil, the cows, in so many ways that bring me into remembrance of their ancient Earth-based ways.

And what about you? Do you feel called to connect more deeply to Earth and your ancestors?

Doing ancestral healing work in this way helps you to belong more fully - on Earth, in your body, and in your lineage.

I know belonging in those spaces is not necessarily easy - yet it's the most radical act of love that you can take for Earth - to come back home to your body

and to do it with full presence and compassion.

This is what I call Womb Revolution - a movement of women choosing to be in relationship to their womb-space and bodies to heal themselves, their blood-lines and Earth.

I've co-created a FREE summit interview series of 8 Divine Feminine leaders who are changing the world through their connection to their womb-space to help inspire you to step more fully into your soul's work in your own way.

We kick-start the series on the Winter Solstice, the day of the Grand Conjunction, with a live virtual ceremony.

Want to join us?

You can claim your FREE spot here.

Womb Revolution

You can learn more in this podcast interview of me by Sama Morningstar about what the womb revolution is, how it's stewarding massive awakening and healing on our planet, and ways that you can show up now to #EmbodyTheChange.

You can listen to this podcast episode here and watch it here.

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Meghan serves women through 1:1 work + group programs to come home to their inner knowing and empower themselves. She stewards Wild Moon Sisters as a free temple to support women embody their Divine Feminine wisdom and power. She is committed to helping her clients bring their soul's work into the world. You can learn more here.

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