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Ancestral Healing of the Cow People - My People

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

I steadily beat my drum, as an invocation to my ancestors and the ancestors of the land. I was walking on the cattle path, lined by sage and cactus, with pines and spruce in the distance. I felt a penetrating gaze, so I looked up to see two large owl eyes staring directly into my soul. She was white, silver and large. 

She greeted me and flew away. I received her as the gateway initiator into the ancestral healing ceremony that I was walking into. She gifted me with the wisdom of my primordial soul and my ancestors. With her comes the ability to see through darkness and shadow. 

I followed the pathway to the pasture of cows and about 50 of them had come straight up to the barbed fence to greet me. 

In their curiosity, I felt that they knew that something sacred was about to unfold, and they were there to stand as sacred witness.

I felt called to drum and sing to them, for them and with them. I felt the wild voice of my soul and allowed her to move through me. 

I could feel the unconditional love of the Great Mother through the presence of the cows - a totem of the Divine, a symbol of the Mother. They were the physical presence of Her to hold me through the transformation, as I was called, by my ancestors, to come forward to do an ancestral healing of my paternal Grandmother's lineage. 

This lineage had been on the land underneath my feet since the late 1700's. They were homesteaders, settlers and ranchers of the land. My great-great-great grandmother was the first White womxn born there, and I could feel the connection of my DNA to this landscape. A feeling that only my bones know. 

I gathered a cow skull, sacrum, and vertebrae and placed them in a line in front of the cows. I gathered sage, dried flowers and long grass to decorate the skull as an altar to my ancestors and the cows. 

I called in Isis and Archangel Michael for protection. I called my ancestors in and asked them to come forward. I used the Violet Flame and the assistance of Kuan Yin to support me in activating my internal Violet Flame to burn through me, and then go from me to my father's generation, and the generation above him, and so forth. I asked that all trauma of the perpetrators and victims in my family be healed into wholeness through the unconditional love of Great Mother and the fierce compassion of the Violet Flame. 

I sat in empty presence, holding the frequency of compassion, as I leaned into the weight of it all. 

I felt a depth of acceptance and peace within myself. The forgiveness and acceptance of the shadow of my lineage allowed me a greater depth of compassion and forgiveness for myself. The spaces within me that I felt ashamed of that were associated with this bloodline were embraced in that moment. They moved from the shadow, into the light, and were healed into wholeness through the presence of Love. 

I now feel a deeper sense of belonging to this land, to my family and to my ancestors. I can now see the light qualities of my family. I couldn't see them as readily before, because I felt plagued by shame. 

This ceremony transformed me and helped me to come into deeper peace with both myself and my lineage.

I no longer need to feel shame, because I get to choose who I am in this world. The light and shadow of my ancestry is written in my DNA, but I am ultimately master of my destiny and director of my actions. I get to choose love in each moment. And I get to choose to see the light in even the deepest cracks. 

And you get to choose this too, sister. You get to choose who you are, everyday. Your lineage is a part of you, but ultimately, you get to decide who you are. 

The space that my great-grandfather haunted me has been set free. And in his liberation has been a liberation for me.

The power of our bloodlines in impacting our lives is strong. We hold their karmic imprints - AND we have the ability to break the cycle, to complete a cycle, and to create a new current. 

What traumas have been passed down in your bloodline, and can you see the ways in which these traumas impact your life today?

Are you ready to look into these spaces, to heal these wounds and set yourself free?

This is big work and you are powerful enough to do this clearing. I believe in you, and I witness the strength of your soul. 

If you know that this could be the next piece of healing for you and have no idea where to begin, but you're so ready to shift some shit, I have some ways of going deeper with me, so that you can be held through this process. 

One of those ways is through Womb Nourished Mystic.

This deep dive will be the container to support you in linking with your lineage, so that you can delve into the shadow aspects and lovingly be held by the program and by the support of each Goddess in your life.

You can learn more about this life-changing experience here.

XO Meg


PS: You can book 30 minute Clarity Calls for free to see if this is the next best step for you on your soul journey, to see if we are soul-aligned + to receive intuitive guidance. You can book this here.

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