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5 Tips to Feel Wealthy Within

I see abundance all around - in each leaf on the tree, in each speck of light from the sun, in each rain that drops, in each blade of grass, in every cell in my skin, in each bone in my body....❤

I see it within and without, and I know that when I hold gratitude for all that is, for all that I have been blessed with in my life - I am an energetic match for abundance, and I become magnetic to gifts, blessings and resources. ❤

This is true for you too. ❤

Earth provides for us everyday; the Universe gives to us in each moment and longs to give us what we want. ❤

Our task is to become masters of our minds so that we can clearly put out to Universe what we want, so that what magnetizes to us in return is actually what we long for, versus the habitual thought patterns of scarcity and fear. ❤

Wealth starts within. When we feel wealthy - when we feel abundant and worthy - we hold an energetic vibration that gives us that in return. ❤

Here are 5 simple tips that you can do everyday, with ease:

1.) Close your eyes and feel how the air around you is a loving embrace for your skin.

2.) Lather affirmations of love with lotion onto your body.

3.) Receive the water droplets from your shower or faucet as gifts that bless your body.

4.) Smile and feel how your mood uplifts.

5.) Thank the trillions of cells who have come together to make the collective community that is... you!

There are millions of little thoughts and actions that you can take every day that will support you to feel wealthy within to be an energetic match with abundance. The more habitual these thoughts and actions become, the more easeful it will be for you to manifest your heaven on earth. ❤

The key is to feel the shift in your body. Embodiment practices are helpful to get your body on board with what your mind wants to believe. When the body feels, it makes it easier for the subconscious mind to believe and vice versa. ❤

As your inner experience shifts - your outer reality cannot help but follow. Our lives are literally a holographic projection of our mind. What we think and believe becomes projected onto that screen. ❤

If you are longing for more freedom, vitality and abundance in your life - then it just takes one thought-shift, one action-shift, over and over, until your experience of inner wealth increases so much so that you see a massive influx of resources in all forms flowing in your door to support you in all ways. ❤

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