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3 Ways Planting Visioning Seeds As Womb Resolutions Can Serve You

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

“This year will be different” I told myself. 😬 “I will commit to working out….” 🤞 And then this New Year’s Resolution died after about 2 weeks...

So what went wrong….?

My desire to work-out did not come from a space of love to care for my health, but from a space of self-hate, thinking that I needed to change my appearance to be loved. 🤦‍♀️

Have you ever felt this way too?

That strategy clearly wasn’t working, so I switched things up BIG TIME. I follow my womb wisdom in conjunction with the wheel of the year and spend much of December chewing over all that transpired in the year - reflecting, integrating, turning within…

I then ALLOW the resolutions to come to me as visioning seeds that I plant in the fertile soil of my etheric womb and heart.

Manifesting Heaven on Earth gets to be joyful, beautiful, and full of ease...

And sandbag number 1 is to set a resolution from a place of ego, fear, or hate.

When you anchor into your womb, then your resolution comes from a place of love - and then it’s SO. Much. Easier. to follow through.

You have your Highest Self on your team, and YOU’RE on board. Because it feels so good to take inspired action that comes from a space of love ❤️.

Receive your resolutions from within and watch as your life can't help but nurture your becoming of who you are destined to be.

You may be wondering, "what in the world does it mean to plant a visioning seed...?" 🤔

A vision is something that comes to you, not that you THINK up with your brain, but something that just arises as a spark 🔥 of creative illumination.

And a seed holds a potent focalized essence of potential that can be planted in Earth to sprout life. And these seeds that I speak of, they are already within your womb. These seeds are already encoded within your blueprint, awaiting to be activated and blossom into your destined becoming.

So if you apply that to a News Years Resolutions, it means that you allow yourself to receive creative inspiration in the form of visioning seeds, and then you plant it, water it, nourish it and allow it to blossom in your life.

And we aren't planting these seeds in actual soil - we are planting these seeds within the fertile soil of your etheric womb-cauldron that is rich with co-creativity and life-affirming magic.


1.) ROOTING 🌲- When you allow intentions to emerge from within, they are rooted in a foundation that is set-up for success, because well - the deepest part of you LONGS to see it through. Often times intentions and resolutions come from egoic desire, which does not necessarily always align with what would most deeply serve you. Intentions from the mind generally aren't anchored, which is sometimes why they fall through.

2.) INNER MAP 🧭 - Your visioning seeds can serve as an inner map that can support you to navigate through your life. You will be provided with opportunities left and right and how will you know which decision is most supportive to you? Remember your visioning seeds, and if it's aligned, that's probably the decision that will most deeply serve you.

3.) BIRTHING 🌹 - Have you ever planted an actual seed and watched it sprout up and blossom into a beautiful plant? It's so cool! And I bet that feels the same for you. I mean, who doesn't love to manifest their heart's 💚 desires? When you plant your visioning seeds, especially in ceremony and in community - there is SO MUCH POWER that infuses in those seeds. Then... you get to watch them bloom in your life. And that's pretty special.

I have a special gift for you... A Womb Resolutions Ceremony in which you can download AND plant your 2020 visioning seeds. ⬇️

PLEASE NOTE - I also want to mention that it's possible that you still might not be aware of what your visioning seeds are right away. And that is totally normal and ok.

If this is the case, that you've watched the ceremony and you still aren't sure what they are - I encourage you to watch for synchronicities, signs and symbols that come to you. This is how Universe speaks to us through different messengers like plants, animals, repeating sounds, lyrics, dreams, etc.

BONUS! ⬇️ Below, I offer a ritual for you to engage deeper with your womb resolutions to support you in fully blossoming the the visioning seeds that you downloaded from the ceremony that I offered above. Birthing Heaven on Earth gets to be fun and creative!


1.) Anchor into your womb. You could do this in many ways: take a bath, lay down on your back and direct your breath to your womb, anoint your womb, do any type of empty presence meditation.

2.) Set up a sacred space that inspires you. It's nice to attend to all of the senses here. You could light a candle, burn some incense, clean your space, and play some high-vibe music while you craft.

3.) Allow your intuition to guide you as you select images from magazines. I also printed off specific images that I know I want to birth in 2020. Our womb speaks to us through symbols and images, so trust what you feel naturally called to put on your Womb Resolutions Vision Board. 

BONUS STEP - Come share a photo with us in Wild Moon Sisters! It would nourish me deeply to witness you in what you want to birth in 2020.

Meghan Lockhart

I offer Womb Awakening Mentorship that can support you to POWERFULLY anchor into your womb & alchemize any wounds that are ready to see the light. Turn your pain into pleasure and attune to the wisdom that longs to birth through you. You can learn more here.

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