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3 Tips to Manage Stress That Create Heaven on Earth

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Managing stress and anxiety doesn't need to feel like a chore. It can be fun, creative, and inspiring. It can be something that you WANT to show up for. The key is to figure out, what lights you up? What turns you on? What activates your joy?

And do that.

I'm going to provide you with several suggestions of practices that will help manage stress and reduce anxiety that are also co-creative in nature and support you to create Heaven on Earth.

When you vibrate as peace, you are a mini-universe of Heaven, walking around on Earth. And when you are in the frequency of peace and bliss - you're super magnetic to birthing a reality that is beautiful for all beings.

So if you are challenged to show up for self-care practices on your own behalf, (like I can sometimes be...) think about the impact that you'll have for the world. When you reduce stress, you come closer to who it is that you actually are, which is Divine Light walking around in a humyn body.

And think about the ripple that you will have when you allow yourself to shine even brighter by attuning your awareness and entraining your consciousness to the Light that is ALWAYS inside of you... It's huge, even if you can't see it.

So here we go... 3 tips to relieve stress that honour your body, heart, and mind.


And this can be really fun and juicy. There are so many ways to be in your body that induce liberation, create space, and allow for more of your higher self to embody every cell in your body. Shaking, yoga asana, dancing, making primal intuitive movements... these are all practices that allow you to LET GO, to release, to surrender and to create freedom. And in the spaciousness.... creation fills in.

Movement helps to release stored emotions, to increase mood and to shift out of cyclical thought patterns that create stress. When you allow your inner awareness to shift from focusing on stress, anxiety and thoughts that are out of your control - and you instead FOCALIZE that attention to your body, you get to notice SENSATION.

You get to feel the fabric of your clothing, as it moves on your body. You get to notice the smell in the room. You get to hear the sound of your own breath. You get to see the beauty that surrounds you. You get to be present, in this moment, right now. And in the present moment, you get to experience the abundance and wealth of life that is always there inside of you and surrounding you, in every single moment.

PRIESTESS TIP - when you do your movement practice, make sure you've created a space that inspires you and is pleasing to the senses, i.e. in front of an altar, outside in nature, or next to a beautiful painting.


It can feel so incredible to show up for something bigger than yourself, something that is 5D, something that is within you, within all things, and within all beings. It creates a sense of communion to the holy trinity of Cosmos, Earth, and Self. It creates a sense of connection and camaraderie to all of our relations and to all of humxnity.

The practice of devotion in yoga is called Bhakti. Bhakti takes us to the frequency of the heart and lifts our consciousness to a space of inter-connectivity. Mantra is one of the most profound tools I know of that not only helps you to create light in the world, to steward a consciousness of Love on behalf of all life, and to devote to Divine Mother - it also is one of the most powerful tools I know of to release stress, and fast.

The mantra gives the mind something to focus on, which takes it away from stressful thought patterns and creates a frequency of light within the body that helps to uplift the mood. And the mantra that you chant on repeat, that's the frequency of light that you are creating, each time those syllables leave your lips.

Here's a simple mantra that you can devote to Divine Mother Green Tara to relieve anxiety on behalf of yourself and all beings:

"Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha"


Our minds are exceptionally powerful and creative in nature. We all have the power to use our minds to manifest and create alternate realities. When the mind is in service to the knowing of the heart and the wisdom of the womb, the mind literally creates Heaven on Earth.

And when the mind is overcome with stress, ignorance, and distortion + is reactive to situations from the deep impressions from past-life, ancestral and early childhood patterning, the mind will continue to create realities of lack, scarcity, pain and suffering.

It doesn't need to be this way though. It will take training to shift this, however, and lots of it! Just as a child goes to school to learn arithmetic, we also need to go to school to learn how to be the masters of our minds, versus servants of them.

Yoga nidra is a great place to start. The state of yoga nidra is one of co-creation and freedom. You enter a state in which you become awake and aware within the dream, making it possible to re-wire and re-program the brain to form neaural pathways that can create behavioral patterns that create abundance, beauty, love, and kindness - step by step, action by action. ANDDDD, it just so happens that an incredible by-product of entering the state of yoga nidra is deeeeep relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration.

(You can check-out this free Yoga Nidra class here that I've crafted to help reduce stress).

And voila, there are 3 tips to manage stress, that not only bring you closer to your essential Self, but that also give you the opportunity to consciously weave a new dream of Heaven on Earth for you and all beings.

And you get to do it by embodying the frequency of peace. Doesn't that sound nice?

Everything that I offer in this post are things that I teach deeper about through livestreams, challenges, and content in Wild Moon Sisters - the public temple that I steward to support womxn to empower themselves by coming home to their inner knowing.

XO Meg

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