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4 Tips to Manifest Your Destiny

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Meghan Lockhart

This is for all you big dreamers ♥♥♥

Have you ever felt sooo frustrated when the dream that you so desperately want does not happen...?

I'm talking, you want something so bad, you've been working so hard to get it that when it doesn't happen you feel like a FAILURE.

When it doesn't happen, the tears roll in a downpour, the throat aches with sobs, and you let out strange moaning sounds in a fit of "why?!"

This happened to me time and time again this year. And I wanted to give up so many times. But I did not.

And here's why: because if I gave up and gave into the thoughts of "this just isn't for me. I'm not meant for this. I can't do this. This is too hard...."

.....then I'd be letting myself down.

AND, I'd be letting down all of the potential humans that I could be deeply serving, which would be the byproduct of my dream coming into fruition.

So this is for you, the one that wants to co-create your life, the one who is stepping on your sovereign throne and seeing that you can take life by the reigns and manifest your destiny.


Some ones that I've learnt, sometimes the hard way:

1.) GRATITUDE: hold so much gratitude for what it is that is in your life right now. Can you see the ways in which your current situation is teaching you something, in someway? Can you notice ALL of the ways that life is loving you and supporting you? Can you see the sweetness in the tress, in the sky?

Meghan Lockhart

2.) RESPONSIBILITY: can you take 100% responsibility that what is going on in your life right now is self-created, no matter how shitty it is? Yes, people have impacted you, life has impacted you, yet life is simply a projection of your subconscious beliefs and your energetic frequency. So can you own that? See the ways in which you have brought this situation about and see that once you take responsibility for all that appears in your life, that once you move from victim to Queen, that this is your path to freedom. I promise. This is a Kali-Ma lesson. It can feel hard and confronting. It can make you want to shrink, to say "no it's their fault for this." But no, no sweety, until you can own it, it will own you.

3.) TRUST: Can you believe in yourself? Can you see that you are worthy enough for what you want? Can you feel in your body, with complete trust, that what you want wants you too? And the key here is to FEEEEEEL IT. Not to think it, but to know it in the fabric of your skin, to resonate with it on a cellular level. You'll know when you feel it, because it is visceral. It is truth.

4.) SURRENDER: Can you let go? As you hold your eye on the prize, as you feel in the depth of your bones what it is you want, can you say, "ok Universe, I give this to you now."

And then let go. Let life take care of you. Let life inspire you. Fall into the flow. Act when inspired and then rest. Recuperate. Regenerate.

For when your dream wants to move through you, you'll need so much space to let it in.

And these tips are for me too.... We are all in this together.

Wealthy Goddess Program - Meghan Lockhart

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I'd love to know what your process of manifestation is. Please do share in a comment below, if you feel so called. With so much love and devotion.

XO Meg

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