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4 Reasons Why I Like My Period

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Meghan Lockhart

Yesterday, I got my moon phase, and I felt genuinely grateful.

It has not always been this way for me. What used to happen the moment that I realized I was bleeding was this feeling of 'fuck.'

Bleeding from our vaginas is something that has been judged and feared by both ourselves and others. Our ancient mothers and grandmothers used to sit in red tents together to commune, to pass on lineage stories, to devote to one another and to the Goddess, and to celebrate the fullness of being a woman.

Over the years, these rites of passages and rituals were taken away from women. They were turned against us to the point where, we as women, started to judge ourselves for bleeding.

Where do you sit with your moon phase, sister? And I ask you to be really honest with yourself.

I'm not psyched on bleeding everyday, especially the days that I find out that I've started to bleed when it feels like an inconvenience.

When I track my cycle and stay attuned to my inner rhythm, I encounter the disapointemnt less and less. I invite in the sensation of gratitude when I bleed and try to organize my life in a way that invites in more spaciousness during this precious time.

I believe it is paramount as women that we learn to re-write our relationship with this bleeding phase, whether we choose to bleed or not, and whether you are actively bleeding or not. The deeper acceptance that we have of bleeding, the deeper acceptance we have of ourselves as women.

And this inquiry is not meant to attack or shame you if you hate to bleed, or if you have been on contraceptives to stop your cycle, or you no longer bleed for whatever reason that may be. I honour each woman for where she is.

I also honour you, lovely lady, who are no longer bleeding and are in your wise woman phase.

I just ask that we genuinely consider this inquiry of "how do I honestly feel about bleeding on my moon phase?"

It has taken years for me to change my relationship with my bleeding cycle.

And here are 4 reasons why I like my moon phase:

1.) It's a highly mystical and intuitive time. I can look forward to visions, clearer insight and divinely inspired poetry.

2.) It's an opportunity for my body to cleanse, heal and release. There are studies that show that, on average, women live longer than men. One scientific thought is that the woman's period is a monthly cleanse that allows for longevity in her lifespan.

3.) I get to focus on nurturing myself - on doing those inward practices that fill me up like yoga nidra, meditation, restorative yoga, drinking tea, having warm soups, hot baths.... yummy....

4.) I get to collect my blood and then offer it back to Earth Mama to show my deep gratitude for all that she gives to me everyday. She fills me up with nutrients through food and the natural elements everyday that provide dense nutrients in my moon blood. When I give back those nutrients to the soil, it is an offering of giving from the overflowing abundance that I have already received.

And so, sister, it's not so much about whether you bleed or not. It's more about how you feel about this part of womanhood. Self-acceptance is the key ingredient to healing. When we embrace all aspects of ourselves, even the ones that are messy, dirty, and kinda weird, we invite in an energetic hug to hold ourselves together.

If you are in a space of desiring to come into deeper acceptance of yourself as a woman, through the bleeding or not, I have an offering from my womb to yours. I have created Womb Embrace Goddess Bundles that I would be ecstatic for you to receive.

These bundles are designed to support you in healing those shadow aspects that you have been judging for far too long. There are 3 bundle options. You can choose to receive womb healing from Mary Magdalen, Kuan Yin, Aphrodite, or all 3!

These Goddesses long to embrace you, so that you can embrace yourself more deeply and embrace the parts of you that have been collectively shamed.

You can learn more about this offering over here

Womb Embrace Goddess Bundles

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