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Nurture Your Finances By Nurturing Yourself

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Let yourself off of the hook. Take care of yourself. Attend to your needs. And rest in the knowingness that this will actually serve you in making money.

Meghan Lockhart

I 100% believe, through personal experience, that how we relate to ourselves has a direct impact on our financial situation.

I also believe that the more that we tend to and nurture ourselves, the more that our money can grow. #WealthyGoddessConsciousness

This may sound like a strange concept. Especially because media shows examples of people in power who have loads of money that do not nurture themselves. One thing that I think is interesting is that not all who have large incomes actually have a lot of money. And I say this because we can have more money going out then we have coming in.

Does this experience sound familiar?

It totally does to me. I have had many times where more money goes out of my bank account than comes in. This is made possible in modern times with credit cards and lines of credit.

One way to bring the inflow of money into balance and to have more money coming in than going out is to nurture ourselves.

When we nurture ourselves, we communicate that we care, which intrinsically implies that we have value. We would not put any energy into ourselves if we did not believe that we have value. (You can learn about my signature Wealthy Goddess transformational program here).

And this may be an audacious comment, but at this time in my life, I totally believe that the depth of value that we have for ourselves is directly mirrored in our financial situation.

This does not mean that someone with a lot of money has a lot of self-value, and that someone who does not have a lot of money does not have a lot of self-value. I am speaking to the holistic overview of someone's financial situation.

Someone could actually be homeless, have no money, and have a lot of self-value. The key would be for that person to have made the choice to live in that way, to be at peace with it and to feel aligned in that decision. If that is the case, then the financial situation is a reflection of that person's truth.

So what are your values of how you want to be living? Do you feel that your financial situation is mirroring those values?

Ultimately, it's not that having more money means that you will value yourself more and that it will create happiness. We already know that is a myth.

But if you have a dream, and that dream involves doing things that require money, then I encourage you to reflect and see if your financial situation is actually mirroring those values that you have for yourself.

Because if it does not, then in all honesty, I do not think that you are valuing yourself fully.

I can say this because I've looked at my financial situation, and I have epicly large dreams, and the amount of money that I need to make these dreams happen is not in my bank account currently.

So right now, my financial situation is not in alignment with my values, which means that I am not valuing myself fully.

I am okay with this right now, because it's a process, and I have so much joy and gratitude for my life. I also have the keys to freedom, and now it's just about self-actualizing.

I know that the more that I care about, nurture and love myself up, the more that I will attract prosperous situations into my life, if my intention holds steady on my current dream, which does require more finances.

These are some my dreams of how I want to be spending money: traveling the world, buying land, buying all eco-friendly and earth-sustaining products, building some sort of healing centre, being able to start a foundation, being able to generously give to family and pay for their vacations, donating money to causes that support our children, equality and our Earth.

Do you have similar dreams? Do you wish that you had more money to be able to do some of these things?

Meghan Lockhart

If so, one small piece of encouragement that I have for you is to start doing daily practices of self-care. And as you do this, also start to create positive beliefs about money.

As you care for yourself, money will start to care for you too. As you care for money, you will start to care more about you too.

It's an inextricably linked relationship. Our-self worth is totally knotted up with money.

In our day and age, money helps to create freedom of time, which is ultimately what most of us want - to be able to do EXACTLY what we want with our time.

We want to be free. Because we are meant to be free.

Money can be a sacred tool that helps us to actualize and live out the life of our dreams. And I am here to say that you are totally worthy of your vision.

Do you fully believe that you are worthy of it too?

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