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How Can Working with a Goddess Benefit Your Life?

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

When we call a Goddess into our life, we open up a whole world of possibility and change. Just like angels, Goddesses embody a particular frequency, a unique essence, that is distilled with deep magic and medicine.

There are thousands of Goddesses to call upon for different reasons that appear to us from different traditions around the world. There are many Goddesses that have been called different names within different communities but that still embody the same frequency.

To date, some of the most potent healing that I have received has been directly because of working with a Goddess.

And why is that….?

The Goddess lives within and without us. She is an energetic frequency in Her own right, plus she is an aspect of our Self that is awaiting to be activated.


For instance, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, who comes from Ancient Greece, embodies the frequencies of sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, eroticism and love. If I call on Aphrodite for assistance in my life to develop a more intimate quality of self-love within my womb, then she will infuse my womb with her frequency and simultaneously activate the cells within me that vibrate in energetic resonance with her frequency. (Work with Aphrodite for womb healing here).

And then, as a result of the activation that came from outside of me, yet also within me, my internal and external experience of intimacy will start to shift.

I have personally worked with Aphrodite to help me embrace my womb and to cultivate a deeper practice of intimacy and self-love.

What I witnessed within myself was a gradual shift in self-perception. I noticed that I started to feel more intimate with myself and more accepting of my perceived faults. As that feeling started to permeate my mind, I began to take different actions that helped me to magnify this internal experience of intimacy and self-love.

Self-Love Ritual

A new ritual that I found during this time was the yoni egg practice. This ritual involves taking a womb-safe crystal, inserting it into the vagina and allowing the crystal to rest in the yoni (sanskrit word for vagina).

This practice helped me to become more intimate with my pelvic floor muscles in a way that I had never experienced. I also felt an activation within my womb and could feel the spiritual presence of Her. It became easier for me to tune into her whispers, to slow down and to perceive the messages that she longed for me to hear. I also started to feel more erotic and sensual with myself.

The egg activated different cells that were longing to feel ecstatic and those cells helped me over-write outdated programming that told me that to be sexual is an act of shame. (Purchase a yoni egg here).

This one practice started as an internal experience and an action, and then had a ripple effect in my life. Because I felt more intimate with myself, I allowed myself to feel feminine, and I started to wear dresses, skirts and scarves more often, so that I could enjoy the sensation of the fabric.

Meghan Lockhart

I started to smile more, because I was no longer embarrassed about the discoloration on my teeth. I started to realize that my smile to another is a gift, not something to feel ashamed about because of a perceived imperfection.

I started to caress my body more frequently and to say affirmations of love and care for my body as I did this ritual of intimacy.

I started to sing more often and with more volume. I allowed myself to be more social and to share my vulnerabilities with others, because my fear of being heard and seen had significantly decreased.

So the internal shift that was activated by working with Aphrodite, had ripple effects in my external actions, which then activated deeper feelings within me of self-love and confidence.

I started to notice that situations in which I used to second guess myself, no longer caused me pause. I started to no longer feel the need to rationalize my every move. Rather, I began to stand behind my actions, because I knew that I was coming from a place of deep love for myself and for others.

This is the power of the activation of love. When working with Aphrodite, she infuses love into all areas of life. The shift starts internally first. The amount that we are capable to love our beloved, is the amount of love that we have for ourselves first.

There are so many ways to work with Aphrodite and there are so many Goddesses that can be worked with.

This work is particularly potent when we focalize our attention to work with one or a few Goddesses at a time and integrate them into our lives every single day. The degree to which we devote to spending time with the Goddess to invite her in is the depth of healing that we will receive.

If you have a beam of laser focus to shift a particular pattern, to heal a certain wound and dedicate to a practice with a Goddess for an amount of time, you WILL receive an internal healing that equates to an external shift in your life.

If you are at a time in your life that you are needing to forgive yourself, to cultivate deeper self-love and to work through wounds that are keeping you from feeling 100% safe in your body and 100% in acceptance and in awe of who you are, then I have an offer that I know with every fiber in me will support you.

Womb Embrace Bundle

Womb Embrace Bundle

It will help you to feel more connected to your womb-space, will help you to feel more grounded and safe in your body, and will help you to cultivate deeper self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion for yourself as you become more intimate with your womb and the essence of who you are.....

Each Goddess desires to infuse your womb with healings, blessings, kisses and so much love... Ceremony enables a container in which you can transmute wounds through the elixir of Love. The elixir will be each Goddesses' unique frequency of Love that will infuse your cells and womb with such incredibly deep healing.

You will receive cellular deep healing that will equal massive shifts in your life.

You can learn more and sign-up for this heart offer here

I feel so committed to facilitating DEEP healing within the wombs of my sisters. I want you to walk through the world feeling connected to your body and to your womb with a feeling of peace, aliveness and purpose.

"To anyone considering this, I purchased this bundle. In addition to providing historical background information, Meghan's connection and ability to channel the essence of these goddesses is profound. Earlier in my life, I would have poo-pooh'ed this concept; I would have thought it frivolous, for I wasn't connected; I wasn't awake then. BUT --- if you feel curious - if it's speaking to you at all - I strongly recommend that you GET IT! You will not be disappointed with Meghan's knowing and loving embrace." - Janice Love

Please reach out if you have any questions,



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