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What does it mean to be womb-centered, and why….?

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

When I think of the cosmic womb – I like to envision a galactic cauldron infused with milky ways upon milky ways, swirling together with stardust and black liquid.

Meghan Lockhart

When I envision my womb, I see Earth within her, the greens, the blues and the browns all merging together to form the sphere that we call home.

A tangible way for me to drop down into my womb is to stop and to take deep breaths into her.

Sometimes I even place my palms on her. I call this womb breathing. The slowing down of my thoughts and of my pace takes me from being mind-centered to being womb-centered.

The mind is a powerful tool. It can wander beyond all time, space, dimensions and reality.

The dilemma with only being mind-centered is this: that 95% of our day, we are operating on subconscious programs that are limiting, negative and totally constricting.

In my culture, I see a problem with always being hyper-focused on the mind. When we are focused only on the mind – values like analysis and logic are the predominate tools that are used to make decisions. I find value in both logic and analysis, but I also find value in intuition.

I have personally experienced that the intuition of my body always leads me to make the best decision that is most expansive and helpful for my soul. I have found that when I use only logic and analysis, that I can make decisions from fear and limitation.

The womb is a psychic center, just as the heart is, that allows us to more deeply tune into and connect to the intelligent wisdom of our bodies, and thus, the collective wisdom of the Universe.

The womb feels like a place of magic, of potion, of fertile life and creation. It is her primary mission to create and to sustain life. She is the portal that KNOWS exactly what we need, how we need it and when we need it. She is like the Great Mother to us all, who can look at her children and intuitively feel what it is that each needs in order to be soothed into comfort. (I have a kit to help you access your womb in this way here).

She just knows. This is her magic. This is her gift.

So what DOES it mean to be womb-centered?

It means to move through the day with an emphasis on sensing the world through the lens of the spiritual wisdom of the womb and slowing down enough to hear her whispers.

The spiritual lens of the womb asks questions like:

How can I slow down? How can I connect more deeply with my body? How can I see my humanity being linked into my divinity? How can I see that I am that too? How can I see that this is related too?

From the lens of the womb, there are no coincidences, but only synchronicities. She taps us into the larger mythic story that is being played out within humanity, and in our life, and she asks us to see how we fit into this tapestry.

She asks us to honour all life, to be stewards of our lands and of our body temples. She asks as to attune to one another and to seek a solution that is mutually beneficial, compassionate and in the essence of Love.

She asks us to take radical self-responsibility for our lives, because she teaches us that like the witch that brews a potion from the sacred medicines of earth, that we too can concoct the ingredients to manifest the dream that stirs within our hearts.

She says, “love your sister, darling, love your blood, for within this bond, is the DNA of life, infused with the mystery of creation and the information through the eons of the Mother, of the Truth of who we are, why we are here and where we come from.”

She pleads for you to love her…. to just. love. her……

In the lens of the womb, there is no shame, womxn have done no-thing wrong. In fact, men come from the womxn’s womb and the foetus of the child is always female first.

In the lens of the womb, womxn are made in the image of the cosmos – our individual wombs mirror the cosmic womb…. and there is no difference.

And when we mirror the cosmos – we are GALACTIC! We are POWERFUL! We are LIFE encoded within each atom in our bodies.

Can you feel the potency of this, sister? What is your relationship to your womb?

The womb has been a source of pain for many of us womxn, and as such, we have cursed her. We have cursed her for the menstrual pain, for the sexual shame, for the miscarriages, for the abortions, for the rape, and for the molestation.

We have carried a heavy burden, and quite frankly, that time is no more…

And why be womb-centered?

Womb Embrace Bundles

We are re-writing the womxn’s script. We are recreating the mythic story of the womxn, who she is, and where she comes from. We are choosing to see ourselves as the heroines of our stories.

We are doing this for our own healing, for the collective healing and the healing of our Earth.

Is this you? Are you ready to embrace your womb, to love her unabashedly and to listen to her whispers?

If you are like, “hell yes!” or like, “I think so, but I don’t know how…” then I have a sweet offering for you from my heart. I have created a Womb Embrace Bundle.

This ceremony series package will help you to feel more connected to your womb-space, will help you to feel more grounded and safe in your body, and will help you to cultivate deeper self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion for yourself as you become more intimate with your womb and the essence of who you are.....

"I have so much love for this bundle. I use it several times a week, every week. Each ceremony is so uniquely tailored for a specific type of healing. If i am struggling i can grab just the right thing and actually clear what needs clearing or heal what needs healing. i can sit down and actually leave whatever it was behind and not pick it back up to struggle with again." - Cindy Lee

I am gifting you with a 33% off discount.

Use coupon code: womboflife

Take me up on this offer here.

I hope you can feel how fiercly, sweet this offering is. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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