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Sexy & Alive - Seduction is Holy

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

I saw images of a vampire, the devil, a witch, and a curvaceous womxn. I then saw these words: ‘seductive’ and ‘magnetism’.

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This felt interesting and strange. I was curious why these particular images appeared to me, and more curiously, why they appeared with the words 'seductive' and 'magnetism.'

So of course, I dug deeper...

I was told that I am meant to see that seduction is holy, that when used with care, it is like magnetism. As I sat with this message, I thought of how my culture has led me to conceptualize the word seduction. I had always felt that ‘seduction’ is bad and unholy. I had always felt that to seduce is to give into evil impulses.

I had always thought that to occupy my body, and to feel sexy and alive in it, meant that I would attract unwanted male attention, and thus, I related the concept of seduction with the lack of safety in my body. It led me to think, ‘why does being sexy need to be coupled with ‘seduction’, and is 'seduction' actually bad?

In media and through myth, we hear of mermaids, vampires and witches using their beauty to seduce and kill. I realized that subconsciously, I had been trained to think that adorning myself to feel and look sexy would mean that I am seducing men, and therefore being flirtatious and possibly deadly.

For so many years, I chose to avoid drawing any attention to myself. I chose not to wear clothes that would make me feel sexy and reveal my body. And when I did, I often felt self-conscious, as if people would think I was trying to attract attention.

Can you relate? This belief led me to fear being seen. This has shown up in my life as a lack of confidence and self-esteem, as a lack of trust in my own abilities. And I cannot help but feel that I am not the only one that has felt this way, that I am not the only womxn to internalize that being sexy means that I am not safe in my body. This phrase is all too familiar, “she was asking for it.” Need I even say what she was asking for?

Too many years have gone by in which sexualized abuse of womxn has been covered up by shifting the blame.

And so, you may be wondering now why magnetism comes into this discussion.

I believe that the patriarchy has obfuscated the word seduction. Let me explain. The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary says that seduction is the action of seducing someone, that it is a tempting or attracting thing. From this definition, we deduce that something or someone, through the power of their beauty, brings someone closer to them. The word “tempting” implicitly suggests that seduction is unholy, that it is impure, that it is the bait on a fishhook to death. And I cannot help but wonder why does 'seduction’ need to be tempting? One thing that I know is that words have power and those that hold power in society officiate their meaning. For the last several thousand years, the mainstream worldwide system has been the patriarchy. So I wonder, what if we find the essence of the word seduction from the lens of the Divine Feminine, from the lens of all womxn, from the ones who have been shrouded from the Bible’s origin story of that of Eve. The story that pinpoints that original sin comes from the weakness of womxn, the original womxn who was seduced by the snake, the devil. The story with the undertones that suggest that womxn is the downfall of humanity. When I perceive ‘seduction’ from the view of the Divine Feminine, this is the seed word that I feel at its root: attract.

And somehow, the action of attracting through beauty has been marked as impure. In my opinion, within the fabric of this word holds the history of the genocide and subjugation of womxn through the last several thousands of years. Could the use of this word be another attempt to show that the womxn, that the Goddess, and that beauty is evil? So now I must address precisely why I think that viewing the word seduction as an act of tempting has negative implications on us all.

Quite simply, I think that it is a form of control to strip us away from our power and our sovereignty. I think that it keeps us in fear of being able to create our reality through our ability to feel good, to feel sexy in our bodies and to attract our reality through the state of feeling juicy and alive. The obfuscation of 'seduction' can lead us to not want to look sexy, and thus, makes it hard for us to feel sexy. Looking sexy and feeling sexy are two different things, but one way to create the feeling of being sexy can originate from our perception that we look sexy. And so adorning ourselves is simply one tool to help us create the feeling-state in our body.

Why is it important to feel sexy?

The more that we feel beautiful, attractive and sensual - the more aligned with our soul’s purpose that we can become when we cultivate those feelings-states with intentionality and consciousness. This may sound strange, so hang in there with me.

I do not speak of artificial beauty as dictated by popular culture. The beauty that I speak of is the beauty that comes from our unique essence that radiates out of our skin and lights us up as we walk through the world. This is the type of beauty that is felt by others.

So – if we can feel sexy and we can feel beautiful, then we can seduce our desires to us.

In essence, the feeling of sexiness can help to create an innate sense of inner beauty and inner worthiness, and the by-product of that is manifestation and magnetism. We seduce our heaven on earth to us through our way of being in our bodies.

The law of attraction tells us that what we think dictates how we feel, and how we feel attracts our outer reality. When we can align our inner reality to what we want to experience in our life, that’s when we are truly manifesting. I do see the act of seducing and magnetizing in a different way. They each serve the same purpose, but the essence of each is different. I see seduction as a manifesting tool that allows us to occupy our bodies and use our sacred sexual energy, our Shakti, to bring our desires to us. Some examples of this could be: wild dancing, pleasure practices, embodied yoga, menstrual blood offerings and yoni egg practices (get your yoni egg here). When we use these tools and they help us to sincerely feel sexy, alive and juicy in our bodies, we seduce our desires to us. It’s total magic! And when we realize this, there is no stopping our power from flowing. As womxn, we have the option to delete outmoded patriarchal ideals of keeping ourselves small. When we allow ourselves to look sexy, we take back our power and invite others to take responsibility for their projections to have power over the female body. My curiosity for you is, how do you feel in your body right now, and how do you ultimately want to feel in your body? These are all words that come to mind for me: juicy, beautiful, sensual, alive, nourished, strong, healthy, supple, whole. All of us have something in our lives that have happened to us that have led us to distrust our bodies in some way. And as womxn, many of these traumas stem from sexual shame. If you are one of these womxn and you are feeling so ready to heal these wounds, to dig deeper and to feel sexy and alive in your body, then I have a kit for you that will help you in the process of healing those wounds by working with medicines, tools and alchemical meditations.


Embody Your Power As Wombyn

And so beloved, how is all of this sitting with you….? Let me know in a comment below. I'd love to hear from you.



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