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In Honor of Hypatia - A Badass, Radical Lady

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

I found the story of a womxn named Hypatia. And quite frankly, something shook in my core when I learned of her story.

She lived in Alexandria, Egypt around 400 CE, was a scholar of the Mysteries and was a teacher of Philosophy. Students from the area traveled far and wide to study with her. She was renowned for her wisdom and kindness. She was often consulted by Prefects of government and Ministers for her opinion in matters.

She was a womxn who taught men, during a time when the patriarchy was rising, during a time when the Church was teaching of the subjugation of womxn as a tool to control the population and gain power.

Hypatia was seen as a threat to the Christian ministry, for she believed and taught against precisely what the ministry was seeking to do, to control and hold power over a population.

She was teaching how to gain mastery and have power rooted in the Self, and she was using the tools of math, science, astronomy and the mysteries to prepare her students to be sovereign thinkers.

Cyril, the Bishop of Alexandria, riled up the extreme Nitrian monks to attack her. There are many stories about how they killed her, and some go like this: they dragged her by horse until death, they dragged her by horse into a Church, tore her clothes off, scraped her skin and dismembered her body. She was stoned to death and the pieces of her body were scattered... wtf...?.

I feel in me, the anger of millions of womxn, as I read about how this reportedly intelligent, wise and kind womxn was barbarously murdered. I feel it in my body. Can you, sister?

I want to honour her and bring her story back to life.

Her story is one of the pebbles in the ocean of all of the womxn impacted by the rule of the patriarchy. I do not hate the patriarchy, but I do want it dismantled. I do want womxn to be honoured, respected and held as equal beings with equal rights in society. I do want womxn to be held and supported in the esteem of men.

I want all of us sisters to embody our power as wombyn.

I want to honor Hypatia for her courage and right use of power by being in mine.

I want to honour her, by doing all that I can to empower my fellow sisters, so that we truly can walk as the Goddesses that we truly are.

I am breathing into this feeling of what it means to be a powerful wombyn.

I facilitated a ceremony to honour Hypatia, Mary Magdalen and all wombyn. Watch below to participate ⬇️

With all that I am. May we rise. May we know our power. May equality on Earth for all manifest into form.


PS - Did this post move you in some way, share in a comment below ⬇️ or head over to Wild Moon Sisters and Let me know.

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