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5 Tips to Work with Mary Magdalen + Guided Meditation

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Mary Magdalen has a unique essence, a specific genome coding that comes with gifts, wisdom and guidance that can support you along your path.

She can be called upon at any time for support. If you are curious about her, she urges you to call on her and to begin developing a relationship.

I have also created a guided meditation that you can listen to at the bottom of this post, so that you can call her into your life and receive a direct message from her. The meditation will help you to know what her unique essence is, so that when she is present with you, that you know it is her that you are working with.

1.) Get to know her story

There are so many books written about Mary Magdalen and there is a lot of information that you can find on the internet. It is likely that you will find conflicting information and stories. I recommend that when you read about her that you connect with your highest self and ask yourself, "what feels true for me?" I invite you to let your higher self be your navigating compass that helps you to discern truth from fiction when you research Mary Magdalen.

2.) Bring more rose into your life

Mary Magdalen is connected to the Sisterhood of the Rose and she often communicates through the symbology of the Rose. You can acquire rose water, roses, and rose essential oil into your repertoire to use in your daily life. You can anoint yourself with Rose oil, burn it in a diffuser, put it in your bathtub. You can decorate your home with roses and place them on your alter as a symbol of the Magdalen.

3.) Connect with the Rose in meditation

You can connect with the essence of the Rose in meditation by visualizing a red rose at the centre of your heart. The more that you connect with this symbol, the deeper your relationship will grow. You will begin to unravel the meaning of its essence for you, how it connects to the Magdalen and why this is a symbol that you can work with. I encourage you to acquire information about the Sisterhood of the Rose, but to also sit in meditation with it, so that you feel into your own understanding of it.

4.) Meditate with Mary Magdalen

You can call Mary Magdalen into any mediation. If you devote a particular amount of time to connect with her essence and to ask her to be present with you, it will be easier to start discerning her presence from he presence of other guides. Calling on Mary Magdalen is as simple as saying, "Mary Magdalen I invite you into my mediation now. Will you please be present with me?" Her guidance is that, if you surrender your mind, dismantle the amor of your heart and ask for her to come in, then you will receive her essence. You an even create an altar that is dedicated to Mary Magdalen. This will help to deepen your relationship with her.

5.) Speak with her throughout your day

I ask Mary Magdalen to walk on my left side every single day to help me feel her presence and to remind me to stay anchored in my Divine Feminine aspect. I ask her to help me anchor into the heart of unconditional love and to stay rooted into my womb and heart space. I speak with her throughout the day and ask for her guidance.

Watch Video about How I Connect with Mary Magdalen + Guided Meditation to Call Her in

What is your relationship to Mary Magdalen? I'd love to hear. There is a whole community in Wild Moon Sisters full of Mary Magdalen lovers. Come join here, if you feel the call.

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