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I Dream that Womxn are Equal to Men

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

So here's what's up: I have this vision that womxn are equal to men all over the globe. And I want it bad - with every ounce of my being. This propels me in my work.

Mary Magdalena and Yeshua

I have this desire that we, as womxn, can be fully tuned in and tapped on to what it means to be a womxn without fear of being criticized or assaulted. I dream that we all can dress in a way that we feel sexy and alive, without being blamed for seeking attention and harrassment.

I dream that we are celebrated for being connected to our cycles, emotions and intuition, that we are celebrated for the feminine qualities of receptivity, sacred surrender, empathy and balance.

I dream of a world in which a Priestess is an admirable career path and viewed as an asset to a community, just as a Doctor is. I dream that all of us are waking up to our sovereignty. I dream that, we as womxn, know how truly amazing we are, even as we are anchored into our feminine qualities.

I want all of us to know that it is not weakness to slow down when we are tired. I want us all to know that we don't need to be like a man to be powerful, because we already are that. I want all of us womxn to know that to be connected to our authentic truth is to be connected to the source of our power.

I dream that we are fully awake to our power as womxn.

Right now, this is what gets me fired up and psyched to wake up in the morning - the hope and knowing that soon this vision will be our reality. I know, in the depth of my being, that when womxn are honoured and respected, that more balance and harmony will come to Earth. THANK GODDESS.

When compassion is honored equal to integrity, when empowered allowance is honored equal to inspired action, when sacred stillness is honored equal to movement - there will be balance.

When there is balance, our earth is being attended to and restored, our waters are being valued and cleansed, our animals are being seen as valuable and as an equal species, our children are being attended to, witnessed and nourished...

I listened to an interview of a Pakistani womxn who has started several schools to teach girls who otherwise do not have access to education. Claire Dubois, creatrix of Treesisters, asked her what she thinks is the best plan to stop the horrific treatment of womxn from men, and she said, "to educate womxn, because she will educate her son."

What a gift to humxnity.

And what gift are you blessing your fellow sisters with? Because I know that you have unique medicine to offer.

Come share with us in the Wild Moon Sisters Temple.

And if you're a humble one with a major inner critic, your medicine is what most naturally flows from you, which might mean that you don't even notice that it's a gift.

We all need you right now. The time for change is now.

I speak more about my vision of equality in detail and discuss some of the power dynamics in our world at play and historical events that have kept womxn small and in fear of being seen for the last couple thousand years.

This video is infused with my heart and passion and is intended to inspire you to rise up with me and step on your sovereign throne as Queen of your life.

Are You Claiming Your Power, sister?



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