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She Called My Spirit To My Body - My Spiral Descent Back Home

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Meghan Lockhart

"Your spirit is only 12% in your body," she said to me. "And because your spirit is not home, there is space for parasites, dis-ease and distress to come in."

'Ummm.... huh...?...' I thought to myself. She said that the main reason Candida was systemically taking over my body, was because my spirit was not present.

She told me not to worry, however, because we could call it back, and that I have the ability to anchor her in my body everyday. "And your whole life is going to change... Your perception will become more clear..."

And it did....

The days that ensued after this home-coming saw me crying for hours... I felt SO. MUCH. tension and pain in my head, neck, and shoulders... It was like I was constantly dehydrated, in a hangover from being spirit deprived....

I felt the oceanic depth of sadness that I had pushed away MY ENTIRE LIFE. Shit.... It. Was. A. Lot.

I looked straight into my shadow, and I felt her pain... finally. I listened to my spirit. She told me that she did not want to be on Earth because of the pain and suffering. She went somewhere else, to a place of bliss and joy.... It felt safer for her to be with Spirit and Love.

Meghan Lockhart

Can you relate to this? Are you a sensitive empath like me who Feels. It. All? Who feels like the suffering of the world is your cross to bear too? And then you flee, dissociate and avoid the pain.... because... well.... it's just too much?

I witnessed what my spirit told me, and I told her that I could be strong for her, that I could shift my patterns and create the safest environment for her that I knew how, and that I would be present for her from that day forward.

No more leaving... no more dissociating... no more avoiding... So here I am now... SEE-ING. It. All. The shadow and the light. The fear and the joy. And it's THE most courageous act that I have ever done... taking the spiral descent into the underworld of. my. soul... DAMN.

This vow CHANGED my life. It catapulted me into my soul's work and was the beginning of my womb awakening journey back home. This.... this experience... is why I write this blog.

Because I had been absent for FAR too long... I know the tragedy that happens when I choose to bypass life, AND I know the miracle that comes when I choose to arrive home.

So here it is - my mission for this blog - to offer radical ☥ writings for the soulful womxn who is ready to fully arrive in the home of her body, to un-tame her wild womb ways, and to embody the change she longs to see on Earth. 

Because truly that's the most radical act of love that we can take on behalf of Earth - to take the spiral descent back home into our bodies, into our wombs, and anchor into the primordial wisdom within.

One womb at a time, we reclaim one more cell on the body of Gaia and restore the collective body back into a unity consciousness of Love.

This is my work. This is what I am committed to. I am a devotee of Earth - a steward of the womb revolution. Thank you for being here with me.

If you want to anchor into a sisterhood dedicated to this mission of Embodied Love for All - I'd love for you to come hang out in Wild Moon Sisters - it's an etheric temple space that I steward with utmost care and love.



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