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10 Ways the Mother Wound Can Impact You

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

It is apparent to me, more so than ever before, that so much of the discord and pain that we see here on Earth is a result of the Mother Wound.

Within the fabric of my bones, I believe that the source of all problems that we experience personally, and that we see collectively, comes down to one simple word:


This can be disconnection from ourselves, from others, from Earth, from Source, from our resources, from animals, from our ancestors, from our home-land, from past lives, from spiritual lineages, etc....

We are in a day and age where it is no longer collectively normalized to honour the Mother, to conceptualize the Source of Life as the Goddess, or to see Earth as our Mother.

There was a time on Earth when this was the worldview...

I feel that this collective wound of being disconnected from each other, and from the One who gives us life, is at the root of much of the conflict that we see and experience on Earth today.

And this is multi-faceted and complex. I know.

So what really is the Mother Wound?

It's when we believe within our subconscious or conscious mind that we are cut-off from the Creatrix of All Life - the original Source energy that breathed life into being - or when we believe that we are unsupported by our Earth Mother, or when we feel cut-off from our physical Mother.

The impacts that this wounding has on our lives are profound. And the ways that this wound impacts us is not always clear. There is also a collective overlay and a personal overlay of how this wound impacts us all.

Healing this wound is like peeling off the layers of an onion. If you have already begun this healing work, please remember that this wound is deep, that it is ancestral, and that it is collective. It is a wound that we heal into whole-ness each rung on the spiral every time we are willing to peer into the shadow and integrate a piece within us for One and for All.


1.) The fear of being abandoned in some way. Sometimes this shows up in the feeling of not being enough, of not being worthy, or in the need to be perfect, or in the feeling of jealousy or envy.

2.) Disrespect and judgment of our bodies. This can show up in any type of self-harm behaviour, thinking thoughts that our bodies need to change in some way, or in the incapability of being able to fully love and embrace our bodies all of the way.

3.) Feeling disconnected from our purpose and from Universe. This can show up as low mood symptoms, lack of motivation, Depression, apathy, doubt, uncertainty about the next best step in our lives.

4.) Feeling betrayed by our body and by life. This can show up when we get ill, have chronic pain, or a physical disability, or lack of mobility. It can show up when we feel as if we do not have enough resources or money. This shows up in a scarcity mentality that we never have enough, and that our body can never do enough, or that we are not enough.

5.) Exploitation of Earth's resources and our bodies. This can show up in using resources that we do not necessarily need to fill a void, or out of convenience. This can show up in retail therapy. This can show up in engaging in sexual/sensual activities for the purpose of being validated and given worth by another.

6.) Feeling unworthy to receive the support of the Great Mother's love. This can show up in the feeling that we need to do everything alone and that we do not need support. This can show up when we feel ashamed about something that we have done or have had happen to us.

7.) Feeling disconnected from our power, from our body, from the innate wisdom within us, and from others. This can show up as Depression and Anxiety, or in a feeling of purposelessness, or in the feeling that we are not capable to support ourselves.

8.) The feeling of being unsupported by life or the feeling of being unsafe in our body. This can show up when we have been assaulted, or when an unfortunate/challenging life circumstance happens to us.

9.) Feeling cutoff from our Mother's lineage. This can show up as judgement/fear of other womxn, of our bodies and of our innate gifts, or in a disconnection from our power and purpose.

10.) Anger, resentment, sadness, or the feeling of not being held by our biological Mothers. This can impact how we relate to other womxn and to ourselves. This might mean that we feel as if we have always had to hold and support ourselves alone.

So I ask you to breathe into this, sister, and to really ask yourself, how is the Mother Wound showing up in your life right now?

We are living in a day and age when miraculous healing can happen fast, where clearing of ancestral, collective and personal trauma can happen so quick that we see immediate shifts in our lives.

We are in a time of shifting the collective consciousness to that of Love, and we all play a piece. When we heal wounds within us, we heal wounds for the collective.

At this moment, offering support to my sisters to work through the Mother Wound through Womb Awakening Mentorship is one of the most important things in my life. It is one of the most valuable ways that I can offer healing to the collective.

When we heal this wound within us, the terrible, horrific things that we see on the news will slowly start to shift. Even if we can't see the ripple, it's there. And this, I feel, as resonant truth within my being...

I offer 1:1 Womb Awakening Mentorship  that can support you to POWERFULLY anchor into your womb & alchemize any wounds that are ready to see the light. Turn your pain into pleasure and attune to the wisdom that longs to birth through you. Apply for a FREE Clarity Call to see if this is soul-aligned + in Divine time. Learn More Here.

Did this post speak to you in anyway? Let me know in a comment below, click the heart to breathe energy into my work, or come on over to Wild Moon Sisters to share your experience.



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