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Moon Meditation


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This online women's circle allows for spiritual expression and emotional support. We work with the lunar phases and celebrate Earth's cycles. We come together to remember and awaken our WILD nature and the ancient mysteries that bind us together in one big heart.

The moon is a strong symbol of the woman for the yin and water qualities that relate to the deep feminine aspects of creation. Women have gathered for thousands of years to honour the faces of the moon.


This circle is a ceremonial gathering for women to connect deeper with the cycles of the moon. Each circle will be dedicated to the current phase of the moon and the astrological sign that she is in.

Through an Energy Releasing Ritual, a Moon Visualization, a Moon Flow and Shakti Dance, you can expect to release negative energies, arrive in your body, strengthen your intuitive abilities and to leave feeling energized. 

When women come together, the world changes. This is a deeply soulful evening for personal healing and deeper connection to sisterhood.