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Womb Awakening.png

Radiant one, What if I told you that 3 – 6 months from now, this is your new norm: you wake up feeling grounded in your body, vibrant, and clear on how to move forward, moment by moment, with TOTAL confidence?


This dream is yours to claim.


And I am here to offer you 1:1 mentorship to POWERFULLY anchor you into your womb & alchemize any wounds that are ready to see the light. 


Turn your pain into pleasure and attune to the primordial wisdom that longs to birth through you. It is your birth-rite to experience your womb as the magical cauldron that She is.

Beautiful sister, I have a message for you. You are here to birth the new Earth through your ability to take the spiral descent down and into your body and to heal all of those spaces in the shadow through the Elixir of Unconditional Love. Your journey into wholeness, your ability to choose your essential Self – this…. this is your ultimate gift to the world. 


Your most radical act of love for yourself, for Earth, and for all of humxnity is your ability to claim your body as a temple and to anchor into your womb as your source of power for birthing Heaven on Earth.


You might not believe this yet, or it might make you afraid, but you have this inner knowing within you that