Ready t0 feel wealthy both within & without?

You deserve to live a life that lights you up.

You don’t have to be trapped in a situation that feels energetically draining, emotionally exhausting, and soul-sucking. 


Your life - it doesn't need to feel like a pair of jeans 2 sizes too small. You get to live one that feels expansive,


with room to grow.

You’ve probably heard things like - “work hard, just push through, you can only get what you want if you bull-doze and sacrifice.”

Icky… That’s the outdated way of doing things. That looks like fatigue, breakdowns, and isolation. You don’t need to sacrifice yourself to fulfil your desires. 


You get to live a life that lights you up.



You CAN co-create a life that fulfills you - one that you are psyched to wake up for every single day.


Living your Heaven on Earth is about first EMBODYING and FEELING the frequency of wealth, abundance, and prosperity inside of you.


Until you feel good about yourself, no matter what’s going on outside, in the ‘real’ world, it’s not going to satisfy you.


What if I told you that you can co-create a life that you love AND it can be fun and magical?


You can have your desires AND it can honor all of life too.



You can manifest AND do it in a way that feels in line with your Highest Self and Divine.


Sounds juicy, right?


This is where I come in.

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Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Priestess | Intuitive Mentor | Soul Midwife

I serve conscious, spiritual womyn come home to their inner knowing to empower themselves. I LOVE supporting them to create lives that honor their gifts, their energy levels, and their well-being from body, mind, to spirit.  


One of my superpowers? Creating the spaciousness for my soul sistas to get to the root of what needs to be shifted and integrated to experience a deeper sense of wholeness, peace and joy. And my favourite ways to do that? Teaching and guiding embodiment practices! (Think yoga, tantra, chanting, toning, ritual…) + guiding alchemical healing rituals with Goddess.


Oh and of course! Spoken transmission… I have a soul gift of having instantaneous downloads from Goddess to offer Her message as a tool to wake my sisters up to their power. And then combine that with wealth consciousness work to get into a mindset of abundance, possibility, and limitless potential - this is how I’ve been helping my sisters to live their dream life. 


I’ve spent the last 7 years supporting people to have energetic + mindset shifts to reach their goals. And we’re talking - supporting people to navigate through some of THE toughest times in their lives to come back to centre. I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health. And here I am now.


I'm SO excited to lead you through this transformation.

This program - it's a cumulation of teachings, in distilled form, that I have integrated and embodied in my life that have helped me:

step into my dream business full-time,

feel more abundant, happy, and joyful,

live a life that lights me up +

up-level my income


I want to make it way easier for you to live your dream life.

I don’t want you to have to struggle like I did.

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Without further adieu...

8 week program to claim your innate value, turn your pain into gold + heal your relationship with money.

(because let’s be real, in this 3D Earthly realm, money is the currency to make shit happen.)

This program, it’s not “just” a course, it’s designed to support you create an inner experience of feeling wealthy within, meaning that you feel so freakin good, from the inside out, that you are full of life.

And as these shifts happen, you’ll see that  you feel absolutely incredible, because you’re attending to all of the little gremlins that have had you feeling small, incapable and unworthy in the past,


you become a magnet to abundance (aka money!) + all of the resources, experiences, and situations that will help you to live a life that lights you up with joy and purpose. 


And the money, it starts to flow in. Not always how you think it should come or expect it too… but it always shows up to help you feel safe, supported and thriving.


And voila, hail & welcome Lakshmi, Goddess of abundance! When you feel this way (abundant, wealthy, prosperous), you become a living embodiment of Her and you are graced with the gift of seeing beauty EVERYWHERE.


And the more and more that you see beauty everywhere, the more and more joyful and excited you feel, and the more incredibly magnetic you become to your soul’s desires. 


You’ll see synchronicities everywhere. Things will start to fall on your lap and you won’t be able to help but laugh and smile. It will feel so easy to feel grateful for everything that is here right now.


(And victory! Because that makes you even more irresistible to your heart’s desires...)

Feeling the call to claim abundance right now?

PRIESTESS TIP - If you’re not excited to wake up each morning, it’s likely that you are not fully aligned with your purpose. This can shift though. And it doesn’t need to be hard. It is just going to take consistent effort and dedication. Like all things, right?


I developed this program to help you learn how to fully value yourself.


Because until you learn how to value yourself, and I mean REALLY value  yourself, as in, you feel how worthy you are in the very fabric of your bones - it’s going to be really hard to receive the life that lights you up.


And how do I know this…?


I’ve learned it the hard way. I’ve tried the struggle, the pushing and the controlling to birth my Heaven on Earth, only for those efforts to end in tears, exhaustion, and defeat...


That is until I tried something new -


an approach that taught me how to value myself, to walk my life as if my desires are in the here and now, and then to  surrender it all to Divine.

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From energetically drained, depleted + frustrated in my work to living my soul-purpose with passion and vitality.

Self-esteem.... that was something that felt non-existent for me growing up. Bullied by other girls up and into University, check. Comparing myself to others, check. Constantly striving to be the best, check. Feeling like I needed to be validated by others to have worth, check. Sexualized abuse trauma, check. All paired with my bleeding heart to serve humxnity. 


Let's just say that wasn't the best combo for me to take care of my needs. "I have to sacrifice my basic needs and work REALLY hard in order to be of service and to be valuable, right?" No!!!


You see - I didn't realize that my