Archetypal Healing Activations to Weave a Planetary Body of Light

Through healing activations, prayer invocations and Goddess transmissions, come together as a Goddess Collective. We are gathering for a monthly etheric New Moon Circle to invoke a different face of the Goddess. As you embody each archetypal frequency within, healing will occur on a cellular level; codes of remembrance will be activated, and your brain will re-wire to support you in living your Heaven on Earth.

Do you feel the call to stand for Earth?

The time is now. Now more than ever. We are the voices of Earth. We are the daughters that our Grandmothers have been waiting for. We are planetary weavers of light.


It is so clear to me how desperately we are needed. This is a collective healing on behalf of our Mother Earth and ourselves.


Do you feel this call too, sister? This call within your bones that you are here to help awaken humxnity to bring embodied love into form.


You may feel all of the feels. You may take on the world’s suffering as your cross to bear, and sometimes that may get you feeling devoid of hope and powerless.

As you feel into – ‘what can I do?!’ It’s simple. And it’s one of the most profound ways to be of service.


Get in your body.

Take the downward decent into your soul’s home; be present to your emotions; heal your trauma; activate your light codes; connect with your ancestral lines; and feel how the miracle that you are is part of creation, is part of the body of Earth.


Because you are made of the elements of Earth, when you arrive fully in your body, you can feel the body of Gaia within. And when you feel Her, alive and as a living being, you cannot help but act on Her behalf....

I am calling in a collective of Goddesses who walk this Earth,

is this you?

Your return to your body is the most radical act of love that you can do for earth, as you are one living cell that makes up the body of gaia.

Together, we form the Goddess Collective

We will gather live in etheric circle on Zoom for 9 New Moon Activations. Times will be determined closer to the dates and will be in MST. Dates are subject to change on major holidays, otherwise will happen on the New Moon of each month. Replays will be sent.


September 27th



December 25th (could change)



March 24th



October 27th



January 24th



April 22nd



November 26th



February 23rd



May 22nd


What Will You Receive?

Image by Kira auf der Heide


30 minute live sessions each month. Replay of recording will be sent. Each healing activation will invoke a different Goddess to support you to embody the archetypal frequency within. Healing will occur on a cellular level. Codes of remembrance will be activated, and your brain will re-wire to support you in living your Heaven on Earth.

Image by Samuel Austin


I will channel a message from each Goddess, one that she longs for you to receive as her motivational piece to inspire you to propel forward in your movement as a voice of Earth. This will be delivered in a beautiful pdf each month.

Image by Dani Costelo


I will offer a prayer invocation that you can use on a daily basis to invoke each Goddess into your life. This will be delivered in a beautiful pdf each month.

Image by Chris Ensey


I would like to honor you in your decision to stand on behalf of Gaia by offering you a 50% off coupon on anything in my online Goddess Shop (except the Nourished Womb Kit).

Benefits of This Collective

  • These circles will help you to gather the parts of your soul that have fragmented – the parts of you that have been in too much pain to be present. When you gather these pieces, you feel your innate wholeness.​​

  • When you receive alchemical healing, you clear out wounds/trauma/baggage, and you make space for YOU. You make space to receive Heaven on Earth in your body. 

  • What is done for one is done for all. You will be an anchor of light, an awakened womb to weave a light grid of Love on Earth to help uplift consciousness. At the end of each circle, we will hold the vision of wholeness for Earth. You can have solace, knowing that you are doing your piece to be part of the solution.

  • You will have the opportunity to see the faces of all of the sisters who have pledged to be a Voice of Earth during the live Archetypal Healing Activations. When you see your sisters, you know that you are not alone, that you are standing in solidarity, and that you are apart of a movement. As the sensitive empath that you are, this is medicine for your soul.

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I'm Meghan

I am a devotee of Earth, a steward of the land, and a Priestess in training. I love to dance, rock climb, write, and get deep into soulful conversation. 


Through 1:1 work, transformational programs, retreats, ceremonies and yoga - it is my deepest joy to support all to come home to their body temples & attune their listening to the medicine offerings of their bodies and souls. I'm excited to meet you.

This collective has come as an answer to my heart-felt cry to Gaia, in a moment of despair - asking her how I can be of deep devotional service and do her work on Earth in an impactful and accessible way.

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