These are soulful new moon ceremonies to gather in sisterhood, to initiate a cycle of growth, and to engage with a Goddess Archetype within.

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I am calling in circles of 13 womxn

Each circle will call in a different Goddess and transformational theme and will include a different set of rituals, activities and embodiment practices to deepen into intimacy with Self, the Goddess and the circle

There will always be a ritual to plant a seed intention, and the circle will conclude with a social teatime.


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Together, we form the Goddess Circle

We will gather at the Inner Roar Yoga Studio. There will be 6 circles in total. You can sign-up for each circle individually, or you can sign-up for all 6 to book your space and receive a 10% discount.

All circles will take place from 7 - 9 pm on the Friday nearest the New Moon.


September 27th



January 24th



October 25th



February 21st



November 29th



March 20th


Benefits of These Circles

  • Sisterhood - Circle provides an opportunity to be part of a community. There are opportunities to be witnessed in a container of deep-felt care, as you share from your heart and engage in activities that will help you deepen your relationship with other ladies in the circle.

  • Goddess Activation - Through the rituals and invocations in the circle, an archetypal frequency will activate within, which will remain activated as you move through your daily life. You will also receive information about the Goddess' herstory and ways to deepen with her at home.

  • Inner Healing - I will guide alchemical healing meditations that will take you on an inward journey to reclaim lost parts of the Self that have been judged, cast-away and shamed. Engaging with the Goddess frequency will support you to restore those parts of Self into wholeness.

  • Initiate Seed of Growth - Since these circles will take place at the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, we will do a ritual to plant a new seed of growth within your psyche. This will help you manifest a life that is in alignment with your deepest desires.

Meet Your Guide

Hi! I'm Meghan

I am a devotee of Earth, a trained Yoga guide, and a Priestess initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School. I love to dance, rock climb, write, and get deep into soulful conversation. 


Through 1:1 work, transformational programs, retreats, ceremonies and yoga - it is my deepest joy to support all to come home to their body temples & attune their listening to the medicine offerings of their bodies and souls. 

I am particularly passionate about creating sacred space for soulful connection, meaningful change and inner healing. Some of my greatest transformation has come from archetypal healing ceremonies. I can't wait for you to come join.

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Goddess Circle