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Are you ready to gain momentum in your life + sacred biz one lunar cycle at a time?

Archetypal Energy Forecasts

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Receive your archetypal energy around each new moon to help you priestess the world in cycles of co-creation FOR FREE

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'Soo... what is this anyways?'

This means moving through your life, work & sacred biz with an awareness of the seasonal shifts + cosmic energies


that are impacting the collective mood, SO THAT you can work with the tides and not against them, as you birth the life & world that you want to live in.



  • Hear about a face of Goddess who holds the the archetypal resonance of each lunar cycle and how to recognize that frequency within yourself

  • Learn about how that archetype overlays with the zodiac season + other major astro events

  • Learn about how this energy helps you work with the elemental shifts through the seasons of Earth + the High Holy Days throughout the year.

How this will help you in your priestessing & sacred biz:

  • It will help you understand how to work with these energies, instead of being over-taken by them

  • Understanding these energetic signatures helps you with forward momentum, so that when challenges arise, you have an expanded awareness of what could be impacting you

  • Knowing what energetic signatures are impacting the collective helps you stay relevant with the needs of your community

You can think of these as your mood reading for the lunar cycle


Meet Your Writer:

Hi! I’m Meghan. I support women rise as profitable priestesses through goddess embodiment, womb healing & cycylical living.


My purpose is to midwife transformation, so that women can both birth & get their purpose work out into the world.

I’ve spent the last 8 years supporting people to have energetic + mindset shifts to reach their goals. And we’re talking - supporting people to navigate through some of THE toughest times in their lives to come back to centre.


I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health, have been facilitating yoga for nearly a decade, and here I am now - serving priestesses to call in the resources, money + community to live lives that are aligned with joy, purpose, and abundance.

<<<You can learn more about my work here >>>


Let's get #witchy...!

Image by Katie Harp
Image by Sophie
Julia Szymanska.jpg

Julia Szymanska,

Intuitive Coach

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held.


Deborah Beckwin, 

Content Strategist 

If money is a sticky wicket for you and your business, then Meghan will help you get unstuck and replanted in a more lush, prosperous place.


Beka Soyars,


When I feel blocked or stuck, or want to tap into my womb deeper than ever to hear what it is that I need to be doing for my path and mission, Meg is my healer for these things.

Image by Katie Harp

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