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This journey will take you through 5 gateways to provide a map & visceral experience of how to viscerally connect with the source of where your power comes from within yourself. This will support you to emerge as the Sovereign Queen of your life - to be a conscious co-creator of your Heaven on Earth & to show up as a force to be reckoned with, as your gift offering to humxnity. All the details are below ⬇️.

What is a Sovereign Queen?

To be sovereign means that you are turned on to your own Divinity. It is your ability to co-create life. It is the understanding of how to shape your reality through your understanding of how the Universe works. To be Queen means to be the ruler of yourself, to be balanced in your yin and yang energies. She is the embodiment of compassion and integrity. She is the balance of heart and strength. She understands that she is powerful. She understands that she is empowered. 

Here is How the Journey Will Flow

When you sign-up, you will get immediate access to the entire series. I encourage you to do one gateway each day for 5 days. I will send an e-mail each day with a link to the course as a guide for you to move through it.

You will receive a video recording with an explanation of the gateway and a guided visualization recording to embody the teachings for the first 4 gateways. The final gateway, you will receive a closing ceremony to integrate the whole journey. May this serve your womb awakening journey.


Gate 4 : Emerge as Queen

Gate 5

Gate 3 : Harvest Your Seed



Gate 1 : Plant Your Seed


Gate 2 : Grow Your Seed


5 Days Guided By Mary Magdalen

Priestess of Isis, beloved of Yeshua, steward of the Magdalena Awakening that is sweeping across the globe to awaken the hearts of those who are here to activate the seeds that Mary and Yeshua planted over 2,000 years ago to pave the Way of Love.

Day 1

This gate initiates the journey. It is the essence of the East Direction and the season of Spring.  In this gateway, you will rediscover the source of your innate power and plant a new seed of the essence of power that you wish to manifest.

Day 2

This gate is the essence of the South Direction and the season of Summer. This gateway asks you to call upon your power spot and to grow a garden of the essence of your power in it..

Day 3

This gate is the essence of the West Direction and the season of Fall. This gateway asks you to harvest what you have grown and to release self-limiting beliefs and stories that are keeping you small and in fear of your power.

Day 4

This gate is the essence of the North Direction and the season of Winter. This gateway asks you to emerge as Sovereign Queen, to feel that the right use of power is the balance of the yin and yang within your heart.

Day 5

This gate is a culmination of the entire journey. It is a ceremony to sit in sacred space with Mary Magdalen and Yeshua to integrate the entire journey.

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Beautiful....thank you for the ceremony and meditation this morning. Blessings."

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