You don't need to have a break-down to have a break-through.

As in - getting sick... that doesn't need to be your permission to take care of yourself. 


Having dis-ease... that doesn't need to be your reason for coming home to your body. 


And having a ‘problem’… that doesn’t need to be your excuse for self-growth.

I get it - life can be busy and chaotic. 

It's natural to think that you can attend to your well-being once everything and everyone else is already taken care of….


But really, how can you truly give from a cup that's only half full?


Those to-do lists.... I bet they go on for days. 


Those needs from others, I bet they could fill up all of the hours in your days. 

And all of the things that you WANT to do… I bet it’s a juggle to even try to get them a time-slot in your days.


So what if you try-on a new approach? Imagine this:


Your whole day is scheduled around you getting the time that you need to take care of yourself first.



You start your day with being filled up from Divine. 

You fill up your cup fully; you charge your light body; and, you get nourished from the inside out - every. single. day.


Sounds juicy, right?

So all of that stress and overwhelm, all of the frustration - what if.... you approach that from having nourished your most essential needs first?

When you water the roots of your being, everything else will naturally thrive and blossom.


Spiritual practice isn’t just a reward or a bonus - it’s ESSENTIAL - as necessary to your health as brushing your teeth everyday.

So how do you water your spiritual roots everyday + do it in a way that feels magical, fun, and inspiring?

Copy of EMBODY.png

A 30 Day Challenge

of Devotional Dedication



You can thrive through daily devotion

to Goddess, and here's why:

Embody Goddess Daily will help create the structure, routine, commitment and motivation to help you devote daily to a spiritual practice that nourishes you from the inside out. Translation - thriving on the meditation cushion & mat, helps you to thrive in all parts of their life. 


Forming this daily habit will help you to feel more grounded, aligned and connected. This makes it easier to navigate challenge with trust, resiliency, and a feeling of being deeply supported and held by life through any storm


Daily sadhana (spiritual practice with an intended outcome) strengthens the nervous system and makes it easier to adapt to stressful situations, while maintaining a sense of calm in the body to help you make clearer and more informed decisions that work for you, your family, and the global community. 


Embodying goddess through sadhana nourishes your whole multi-dimensional being. Tantric yoga is a wholistic systems that both helps you liberate outdated modes of being + helps you to find the harmony between the elements within self, as it strengthens each layer of your being. (So ps - this strengthens your health & wellness in #alloftheways).


Daily practice helps you to EMBODY. When you stick with a practice for an extended period of time (like 30 days), the mind can surrender to the wisdom of the body, and it’s WAY easier to FEEL the frequency of goddess inside of you. THIS is what helps you to walk as goddess in your