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Gate 1: The Cosmic Womb

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I Am Safe

What is the Holy Trinity of the Womb?

The Holy Trinity of the Womb is part of how we come to exist in our humxn body temples on Earth. We are the sacred third that is birthed from the Cosmic Womb of Creation and the Great Mother Womb of Creation.

There are three womb portals: The Cosmic Womb, the Great Mother's Womb, and Your Womb.


Our body is a fractal of the Great Universe, and when we spiritually connect to our womb-space, we have a direct link and portal to the Cosmic Womb and to the Great Mother's Womb.


This is the vision that I remembered as gnosis from Great Mother:


...I saw a Cosmic Womb with a thread that extended to a womyn, who was pregnant with Earth, and with another thread to my womb, and with another thread linking back to the Cosmic Womb, in a circle. I was told that this is the truth about who I am, and where I come from - that this is the truth about the cycle of life... 


And I knew, within my bones, as embodied gnosis and truth, that this is the Holy Trinity of the Womb.

Contemplative Questions this Moon

I encourage you to create a ritual out of your journaling session:


Enter your heart and womb-space by creating a space of love and devotion. This could look like anointing your body with oils, lighting a candle, sitting in nature, sitting next to flowers, dimming the lights, or playing awe-inspiring music. Allow yourself to surrender your mind, so that when you answer these questions that it is coming from a space of deep knowing, from your highest self. When we allow ourselves to free-flow write, without letting the mind think, we are in a space of more easily accessing the wisdom of our hearts.


1. What is it that you are looking to transform with this series?

2. What drew you to this transformational deep dive?

3. How do you want to feel when you emerge at the end of these 3 months?

4. What do you need to release in order to emerge as this womyn?

And if you feel so called, please do share any of your answers with us over in Womb Nourished Mystic. I would love to witness you in them.

Meditation Download

These meditations are potent medicines for your soul. They are embodied activations that will light up your cellular DNA with alchemical healing. These will support you to anchor into the living experience that you are the Cosmic Womb Herself AND that you can anchor into this chalice wellspring of abundance for support, healing and nourishment. You can download them into your music library and practice them as much as you desire.

Opening Ceremony

with Isis

Cervical Gateway Opening + Cosmic Womb Plugin

Womb Nourished Mystic