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Priestess the Paradigm Shift, Walk As A Moving Prayer, & Embody the Change You Wish to See on Earth

Through healing activations, prayer invocations and Goddess transmissions, come together as a Goddess Collective. We are gathering for a monthly etheric New Moon Circle to invoke a different face of the Goddess. As you embody each archetypal frequency within, healing will occur on a cellular level; codes of remembrance will be activated, and your brain will re-wire to support you in living your Heaven on Earth.

Sister, Have You Felt the Call of the Magdalene ?


I see this Womb revolution sweeping across the globe. There is this Magdalena Awakening that has spread like a planetary wave to wake up the hearts of all who have the ears to listen and the eyes to see. 


Can you see it too? 

There is this collective ask for us to wake up and to rise as a tower of strength to pillar in and activate the Way of Love that Mary Magdalen and Yeshua planted when they walked the earth as twin flames. 


Mary Magdalen is whispering in your ear. Can you hear her say, "beloved one, un-tame your body based wisdom, return to your ancestral ways, walk as a moving prayer in devotion to Earth. You are embodied love in form."

I know you've felt Her call, sister. You wouldn't be here if She was not already awake within you. 

Your most radical act on behalf of Earth is to take the downward descent into your womb, reclaim her power and vow to heal ALL of the spaces within that are ready to see the light. 

Let this be your greatest legacy, your most profound gift, your greatest love story for All of Life. The womb is how you came to Earth and the Earth womb is where you'll return. From womb to tomb, we are in this together. 


Heal the spaces within and  you will spark a movement so great that it has ripples across your entire bloodlines - 7 generations ahead and 7 generations behind. Are you ready for this, sister?


Are you ready to priestess the paradigm shift and embody the change you wish to see in the world? The time is now to blossom your rose heart offering to the world. Earth needs you. We need you.


I am calling in all of my Magdalena sisters. Is this you?

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Are you ready to say "yes" and birth the Magdalen within who is ready to take the vow to walk as love in all ways for all days? 


Mary Magdalen is calling out to you now. She says "come home, come home, my daughter, will you surrender to my loving embrace?"

Together, we form the Magdalena Awakening 

We will gather live in etheric circle on Zoom for 9 New Moon Activations. Times will be determined closer to the dates and will be in MST. Dates are subject to change on major holidays, otherwise will happen on the New Moon of each month. Replays will be sent.

Image by arvin keynes


September 27th


Image by Andrae Ricketts


December 25th (could change)


Image by Hannah Morgan


March 24th


Image by ActionVance


October 27th


Image by Sharon McCutcheon


January 24th


Image by George Gvasalia


April 22nd


Image by Jestoni Dadis


November 26th


Image by Houcine Ncib


February 23rd


Image by Avnish Choudhary


May 22nd



What Will You Receive?

Image by Kira auf der Heide


30 minute live sessions each month. Replay of recording will be sent. Each healing activation will invoke a different Goddess to support you to embody the archetypal frequency within. Healing will occur on a cellular level. Codes of remembrance will be activated, and your brain will re-wire to support you in living your Heaven on Earth.

Image by Samuel Austin


I will channel a message from each Goddess, one that she longs for you to receive as her motivational piece to inspire you to propel forward in your movement as a voice of Earth. This will be delivered in a beautiful pdf each month.

Image by Dani Costelo


I will offer a prayer invocation that you can use on a daily basis to invoke each Goddess into your life. This will be delivered in a beautiful pdf each month.