Ready to feel good in your business?

You deserve to have a business that

serves you, as you serve the world.


You get to both birth and grow your business in a way that feels fun.


Marketing gets to feel good.


Signing clients + making money gets to be magical.


And showing up for your business gets to feel easier.

Imagine this - showing up for your business feels like devotion. It feels like tending to what needs to be done to express and actualize your purpose, one step at a time - as you receive money for doing what you love.

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Biz with Pleasure will support you:


Birth, ground, and grow your spiritual business in a way that honours your values, your energy, and your purpose.

Have inner shifts to feel safe being visible to take aligned and inspired action to get things moving forward.

Have the motivation to show up for the inner and outer work to help you run a successful business that both supports you and your clients.

You don’t have to compromise your energy or your values to run a successful business.

It’s not about striving to make things work, it’s about aligning with what naturally wants to be birthed through you.


The more that you attune to the innate wisdom within, the easier it is to find the strategies, marketing plans, and models that fulfil you AND bring you money.


So let’s start at the root of your being + biz and water them:


Let this be the foundation that guides you in every decision you make in your business.


This helps you take inspired action in a way that replenishes you and aligns with the deep purpose work your soul came here to do.

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Welcome to Biz with Pleasure

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This is 1:1 womb-centered biz support to grow your sacred business in a way that’s aligned with your purpose, is calming to your nervous system, and honours your values.

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What does this mean?

So it’s about growing your biz from the roots up in a way that feels good for you. Pleasure becomes your indicator of whether or not you’re growing in a way that is in line with your needs and in a way that feels safe for you.


It’s designed to help you feel connected to your innate wisdom to guide you, rooted in Earth to support you, + grounded in your body to stabilize you.

We’ll check-in with the soul of your biz every step of the way to make sure that what you’re growing is sustainable. We want your energy to be replenished, your bank account to be healthy, and your values honoured.


Because when you’re taken care of - it’s so much more fun to do the work and to see results. It starts from the inside out first. You’ll need to access that feeling of nourishment within to hold space for feeling replenished in your life and business too.

When things aren’t flowing, we’ll get to the root of why. And as inner wounds make themselves known, I’ll support you to move through them. This clarity and space will help to build momentum and move through the places where you are stuck at a certain threshold or plateau.


There will need to be some de-conditioning of what you think you should be doing, so that you can integrate what it is that YOU need to be doing.


And this all becomes the foundation to help build your energy reserves and get on board with showing up to be visible in your business for aligned and embodied success.


This approach supports you to feel safe as you expand in alignment with your soul’s and business' natural timing. Your biz becomes the sacred vehicle for your purpose work to move through you and be of service to the world. #winwin

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Meet your guide - 


Hi! I’m Meghan.


I show up as an Intuitive Mentor to help women rise as profitable priestesses.

I’ve spent the last 7 years supporting people to have energetic + mindset shifts to reach their goals. I started in the non-profit world, working with marginalized communities in mental health. And here I am now.


I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Taurus Moon. My dosha is Pitta, + I'm a Human Design Manifestor.

Translation - I take you deep. We get to the root of your wounds. And I hold the space for you to transform in a container that feels safe and loving, all the while inspiring you to move forward + take action from a place of joy and pleasure. 


I'm here to midwife your transformation, so that you can both birth & get your spiritual biz out into the world.

And I'm here to help you have the drive + the awareness of how to take practical and actionable steps that actually move you forward.


Learn more about my work here. 

Meghan is a wonderful mentor! Her loving energy and unconditional presence makes you feel so safe and held. I felt safe opening up to Meghan in ways I never had which allowed me to receive support and feel seen in a new way.

Julia Szymanska

Who is this for? This is for you if:

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You're sick of the old way of doing business. You're not into hustle culture, pain points, competition, or focusing on the problem.

You're here to inspire, guide, and step into a new paradigm of leadership that offers transformation to your clients and community, as you express your magic. 

You want your business to be a sacred tool to live your purpose, while impacting planetary change.

And you need support embodying this right now. You know business can feel good, but it doesn't right now. You want forward momentum, to call in more money & clients, + to feel supported by your business.

Is this you? Ready for biz to feel more pleasurable?

Client Love: What they're saying


“Working with Meghan was such a healing and supportive experience. The biggest lesson I learned while working with her was finding abundance and security within as I work with Goddess. It's something I had been searching for all my life.


I now feel so much less anxious about money and so much more supported by the Universe in ways that I have never felt before. If money is a sticky wicket for you and your business, then Meghan will help you get unstuck and replanted in a more