Image by Katie Harp

Wild Moon Temple

This temple supports womxn anchor into their innate knowing to empower themselves.


It offers the sacred space to foster an experience of inner embrace and belonging in their bodies, in their lineages, and in sisterhood - as they attune to cyclical wisdom both within and without. 


The invitation is to reclaim and awaken the womb-space as a totem of innate power and wisdom to spark a revolution that ripples waves of change + anchors Heaven on Earth in the here and now.


Wild Moon Temple provides the tools, trainings + mentorship to help womxn heal, replenish and thrive - so that they can bring their soul’s work into the world + live a life that lights them up from the inside out.


The mission is to inspire embodied activism that helps birth the new Earth.


This temple is calling home all womxn who are ready to rise in devotional leadership + stand as pillars of strength to pave a new way of embodied love for all. 


Want to learn more about how the temple can serve you right now? 


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Meet the Focalizer

Hi! I'm Meghan Lockhart. I answered the call to anchor this temple in devotional service. I received this message loud and clear: "your return to your body is the most radical act of love that you can do for Earth."

Mary Magdalene kept calling out to me and laying the rose petal trail for me to remember my lineage gifts + commit to co-birthing this work in the world.

I'm a Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Mentor, and Womb Priestess - and it's my deepest joy to guide womxn to anchor into their womb-space as their source of power, wellness, and wisdom.

I'm continuously walking the spiral path of evolution to heal + be of deeper service to those that I work with.


I walk the path of priestess initiation through the Priestess Presence Temple of the 13 Moon Mystery school lineage and the path of living yoga through the Saraswati lineage. I also continue to train as a Priestess Mentor in the Bio-Mystical Womb 13 Moon Apprenticeship.



  • RYT 200 Hour - specializing in Embodied Pranic Vinyasa Flow

  • 40 hour Advanced Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

  • ​150 hour Adjuster’s Program - with training in Anusara principles

  • 4.5 years experience as a life counsellor

  • ​1 year completed training as Priestess Initiate in the 13 Moon Mystery School