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Wild Moon Temple

This temple serves all women who feel the call to deepen with us.

​We provide the tools, training + mentorship to help women heal, replenish and thrive - so that they can bring their soul’s work into the world + live a life that lights them up from the inside out.


Women are guided to connect to their ancestral lineage, to archetypal frequencies of Goddess, + to wield the power of their wombs to be abundantly held and resourced in their sacred work.


The mission is to priestess planetary change.

This temple is calling home all women who are ready to rise in devotional leadership + stand as pillars of strength to pave a new way of embodied Love for all. 

The 13 Moon Mystery School teachings form the foundation of this temple. Hathor, Isis, Mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene stand as the pillars. The ancient thread of the Rose Magdalenas weaves the architecture. And each sister imbues the temple with beauty.


Want to learn more about how the temple can serve you right now? Head to the ‘Current Offerings’ and ‘1:1 Services’ tabs to see what’s on offer.

Values of Our Temple

Belonging - We offer a safe and sacred space to foster an inner experience of belonging within self, within sisterhood, and within your own blood, spiritual and archetypal lineages as the foundational work. This supports with the process of inner embrace, self-acceptance, and reclamation - so that inner wounds can be alchemized and projections can be owned to blossom a gorgeous community of genuine sisterhood.

Sovereignty - We foster a space that helps you to viscerally feel that you are whole and complete and that you can strengthen your ability to access your inner gnosis. We engage with one another from the viewpoint that each woman already has the innate wisdom within and each sister acts as witness and mirror to help unveil that inner knowing. With sovereignty comes responsibility and integrity. The invitation is to act from the awareness that all actions impact the whole.


Regeneration - We recognize that healing occurs in a spiral cycle, each inner wound going through the journey of one season to the next through its life span. We support you to trust the transformative process of life, death & rebirth to allow the shedding of those wounds to become regenerative soil that creates more life and space for you, your blood lineage, and the entire planet.

Diversity - We are a sisterhood of diverse women from all walks of life with different spiritual traditions, beliefs, customs, orientations, and experiences. We are inclusive and celebratory of this diversity. We allow each sister to shine in  their unique gifts and recognize that ultimately we are all One.


'How do I know if I'm a Priestess?'

A Priestess is a woman who stands between the worlds.


Priestess is the bridge that decodes messages from Goddess and offers them through her vocation, leadership and way of being in the world to bring healing and awakening to their communities. 

So how do you know...? You feel it in your bones. You have a perk in your ears when the word Priestess is uttered. You might feel a chill in your body, an inexplicable knowing that resonates through your entire being.

Maybe you've been attracted to all things magical, mystical, and mythical. Maybe you've thought of yourself as a healer or a medicine woman. And maybe you're feeling something activate within you just by being on this webpage.

Ultimately, Priestess is in devotion to Goddess, to walking as a vessel of embodied Love and in service to humanity.

Priestess is the temple of Goddess, her womb the altar, her presence the gift.

Does this sound like you, and you want to explore deeper? Come book a 1:1 Womb Alchemy Session here to be guided through a past-life recall to awaken your Priestess lineage gifts.


Meet the Founder

Hi! I'm Meghan Lockhart.


I answered the call to ground this temple in devotional service as the focalizer to ethereally and physically ground the frequencies that this temple holds for planetary change.


I received this message loud and clear from Sophia Gaia: "your return to your body is the most radical act of love that you can do for Earth."


I saw a revolution taking place - one in which women all over the world were choosing to be in relationship with their womb-space to do their piece to midwife a planetary awakening of healing & regeneration.

Mary Magdalene kept calling out to me and laying the rose petal trail for me to remember my lineage gifts + commit to co-birthing this work in the world.

Want the exclusives on my energetic signatures?

My leadership style is that of the Midwife Ecstatic, and the face of Goddess that I hold most powerfully is Great Mother. I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, and Taurus Moon. My dosha is Pitta, + I'm a Human Design Manifestor.

Translation - I can take you deep, we can get to the root of your wounds, and I can hold the space for you to transform in a container that feels safe and loving, all the while inspiring you to move forward + take action from a place of joy and pleasure. 


I'm here to midwife your transformation, so that you can both birth & get your purpose work into the world.

Here are the deets of the sacred paths I'm walking:

I walk the path of Priestess initiation through Priestess Presence of the 13 Moon Mystery School lineage, have been studying and practicing tantric yoga through the Saraswati lineage, and I continue to train as a Priestess Mentor in the Bio-Mystical Womb Apprenticeship.


My Heart's Prayer

As steward of this temple, I have some intentions for you.

1. I want you to know and feel how exceptionally held you are in your priestessing work by the strength within you, by all of the allies in your life, and by Great Mother.

2. I want you to be celebrated, witnessed, and seen in your magic by fellow sisters who are walking this path alongside you.

3. I want to help you feel that you belong and that you aren't walking this path alone.

4. I want you to FEEL in your body how incredibly valuable,  beautiful, powerful, and strong you are + how needed you are and your work is to impact change for the collective.

5. I want you to feel inspired, satiated, and abundant - to see magic all around you, and to live a life that genuinely fulfils you and brings you a deep sense of purpose.  

6. AND finally - I want you to make an income that abundantly fills up your bank account, so you can feel valued, appreciated, and financially supported in your work.

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