This FREE course series will give you a map to powerfully anchor into your womb. It is RICH with content! You will leave this course feeling so clear about how to step onto the path of womb awakening for your evolution as a feminine mystic soul and so ready to step fully into your embodied womb wisdom with confidence and faith.

This is How the Course Series Will Flow

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Why is this free...?!


I want you to have access to this information. May you take full advantage of what is being offered to you and engage with the wealth of support.

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Day 1 


I speak about grounding with Earth and cultivating a connection with your unique face of God/dess as foundational work to embody an awakened womb.

Image by Hanna Postova

Day 2 


In this video I talk about why landing in the body is a key process in the journey to embodying an awakened womb.

Day 3


I discuss how the womb is related to your first 3 chakras, why it is your power centre, how it's a cauldron of healing, a vessel of creation and a cave of primordial wisdom, PLUS so. much. more.


Day 4 


I introduce you to the archetype of the WOMB 🔮 MYSTIC for anchoring into the womb of silence for oracular guidance.

Image by Artem Maltsev

Day 5


When you tune into your womb and you feel grief or rage, or all sorts of things that you didn't know were there... let's explore why and ways to liberate your pain into pleasure.

Image by Kevin Bergen

Day 6


Let's talk about the spiral path of evolution, life as the initiation and this Earth school curriculum that provides us with opportunities to experience ourselves more fully.

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6 Keys to Embody An Awakened Womb