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Hail & Welcome, Sister!

Wild Moon Temple is here to help you gain momentum in your soul's work, so that we can impact more change together as a sisterhood.


It will resource you with tools & inner transformation to more fully activate your purpose work in the world to help you embody the change that you long to see on Earth.

This temple is all about helping you rewild to your most essential nature and remembering your lineage, as you come home to your body and your deepest essence. 

It’s from this place of soulful connection that we rise rooted and ripple waves of change. I’m so excited to be part of your inner healing journey, as we grow and bloom together. 


Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Intuitive Mentor

I'm the focalizer and steward of this temple.


I support women rise as profitable priestesses through goddess embodiment, cyclical living & womb awakening.


I LOVE supporting soul sisters access their lineage gifts, birth their temples + connect with their ancestral allies to guide them in their sacred work.

And my superpower...? 

It's helping women be totally activated within their power centre, so they can impact change, from a place that feels grounded, supported and sovereign.

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A planetary awakening is spreading like wildfire.

Can you feel it?

We invite you to sense into if there is a calling within your bones to belong in a global sisterhood who is here to help birth the New Earth together - 


one that is equitable, sustainable, relational AND regenerative for all,

and to sense into if you've been longing to feel held, supported, and amplified in your sacred work.

There is an invitation on offer: for you to take your place in this temple, to come enter the sisterhood of women who are all here impacting change together.

Are you ready to join us


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There are several different ways to engage with the temple to receive support + become more acquainted with us.


Wild Moon Sisters:

Your Sisterhood to Priestess the World

One Lunar Cycle At A Time

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There is a library of videos waiting for you. From goddess embodiment practices, to womb healing ceremonies, to running your biz with pleasure - we've got you covered.