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Hail & Welcome, Sister!

Wild Moon Temple is here to help you gain momentum in your soul's work, so that we can impact more change together as a sisterhood.


It will resource you with tools & inner transformation to more fully activate your priestessing in the world + give you the sisterhood to feel supported and amplified in your sacred biz.

You deserve to be supported with an abundant, full-time income from your purpose work in the world + live a life that lights you up.

You get to rise AND THRIVE, as your work ripples wave of change for the whole globe.


Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Intuitive Mentor

I'm the focalizer and steward of this temple.


I support women rise as profitable priestesses through goddess embodiment & womb healing.


I LOVE supporting soul-sisters access their lineage gifts by connecting with their ancestral allies to guide them in their sacred work.

And my superpower...? 

It's helping women be totally activated within their power centre, so they can impact change, from a place that feels grounded, supported and sovereign.

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A planetary awakening is spreading like wildfire.

Can you feel it?

We invite you to sense into if there is a calling within your bones to belong in a global sisterhood who is here to help birth the New Earth together - 


one that is equitable, sustainable, relational AND regenerative for all,

and to sense into if you've been longing to feel held, supported, and amplified in your sacred work.


There is an invitation on offer - 

for you to take your place in this temple, to come enter the sisterhood of women who are all here impacting change together.

Are you ready to join us?


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There are several different ways to engage with the temple to receive free support + to become more acquainted with us.


Subscribe to our temple newsletter to gain momentum in your sacred biz.

Each month, you can expect to:


  • Receive a moonthly archetypal energy forecast around each New Moon to help you access collective energetic signatures through the Wheel of the Year to support you in your priestessing work.

  • Receive occasional e-mails to help you gain momentum in your work by aligning with your womb, the moon & Divine Feminine archetypes + get updates about gift offerings, temple offerings & new Goddess Power Podcast episodes.


Tune in for all things mystical and mythical, as we explore how to heal with our ancestors + live in rhythm with our bodies, with Earth and with Cosmos.


We talk tools & rituals for how to harness the power of your womb for magnetism, creation, and inner alchemy.

Sisters who are a part of Goddess Collective have the opportunity to be featured on this podcast.


Are you looking to be amplified through your written word + have further reach?


Sisters who are a part of Goddess Collective have the opportunity to write for our temple blog, Wild Devotions, to be featured on this website, + have their posts shared and promoted.

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Choose your route:

Evergreen Offerings

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Womb Alchemy will you help ground and anchor into your power centre for clarity and momentum + provide alchemical healing to move through 1 specific piece of healing that is in need of clearing to help you move forward in your goals and visions right now. It's an introductory session to see if we are a good fit to dive deeper.

Rebirthed is a 13 month passage to help you rise as a profitable priestess. It's 1:1 high level mentorship that supports women in sacred biz clear their energetic past to make more money for their healing gifts. 

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Goddess Collective is a monthly membership that offers you the community, tools + training to step more fully into bringing your soul's sacred work into the world AND create bigger impact. You'll be amplified in your work + supported in sisterhood every step of the way.

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