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Image by Katie Harp

Hail & Welcome!

This temple is here to help you come home to your inner knowing and embody your Divine Feminine wisdom and power.


The time is now to radiate your soul's essence from the inside out + ripple waves of change across the globe.

You deserve to live a life that lights you up, that is purposeful, and helps you to feel fully self-expressed. 

You get to RISE & THRIVE.

Hey girl! I'm Meghan.

Womb Priestess | Yoga Guide

I am focalizer and steward of Wild Moon Temple.


And I serve conscious, spiritual womxn to empower themselves. I LOVE supporting soul-sisters to create lives that honour their gifts, their energy levels, and their well-being from body, mind, to spirit. 


And my superpower...?  It's helping womxn be totally anchored and stabilized within their centre, so they can navigate change, chaos, and life decisions from a grounded place of clarity, sovereignty, and inner peace.  

A planetary awakening is spreading like wildfire. Can you feel it?

Heaven on Earth can be here right now. And you can birth the New Earth by embodying the change that you long to see in the world.

There is an invitation on offer - 


for you to take the spiral descent back home to your body, to anchor into your womb and to show up for the healing


that's not only for you, but for the 7 generations past, and the 7 generations to come too.

This can be your legacy, your most radical act of love. The mission is embodied love for all. 

Are you ready to step-in + live your fullest potential?


Image by Katie Harp

Each month, the new moon embodies a different face of Goddess.

There is an energetic map that takes you on an evolutionary voyage, each new moon throughout the wheel of the year.


Align with this wheel to mirror the seasonal shifts of Earth, with the seasonal shifts inside of you.


Subscribe to receive teachings about which archetypal frequency the moon is transitioning into and how that will impact you.


This will help you birth a conscious seed of conception every month to get closer and closer to living your Heaven on Earth.

Wild Devotions

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